Closing Veterans Centres and Wasting Money on Multiculturalism

Sunday, November 10th, 2013. Tomorrow is Remembrance Day; a day to remember sacrifices paid in advance for the future freedoms of each person here in Canada. The phrase, “If you love your freedoms, thank a Vet (Veteran) took a dark and sinister twist at the hands of Canada’s Parliament. And, like most other government business, this one crept silently past the consciousness of most people.
The Government of Canada recently announced that it is about to close a number of regional offices that have been dealing with returned veterans issues. Things like pension issue and health care issues were the day-to-day work in those offices.
Veterans living in and around Charlottetown PEI; Corner Brook, N.L.; Sydney, N.S;; Windsor, Ont.; – Thunder Bay, Ont.; Kelowna, B.C.; Prince George, B.C.; Saskatoon , Sask. and Brandon, Man. are now being told that if they need help dealing with the bureaucracy they can call a 1-800 number and attempt to speak to one of the robo-voices or perhaps find a keyboard and attempt to get immediate assistance from a computer.
This is such a hypocritical bit of politics, especially at a time when the media is filled with stories of recently returned veterans from Middle East actions dealing with alarmingly high incidents of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).
How can the people of Canada tolerate such an action as would cut off communications with Veterans who are being left on their own to attempt to deal with the bureaucratic mess called the Civil Service that thwarts every effort to seek help made by these brave men and women?
These veterans did not tell Canada to call an 800 number or send an email when the call went out for action. Surely, amid all the tens of millions of dollars wasted each year on hundreds of multicultural offices throughout Canada, the cost of looking after our veterans is trivial.
How do you feel about this insult to our brave Veterans????? 

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