Rob and Doug Ford Rocked by Council

The Bullies in the Schoolyard Reel when Classmates Unite


Anyone who has watched the Ford Brothers day-to-day political fantasy was likely waiting for the day.  It finally happened like it does eventually in any school yard.  When the rest of the kids finally say “enough” the days of the bully come to an abrupt end.

For the past two years, many have watched the intimidation and personal harangues of the Ford brothers as they managed to rule the thoughts and conscious decisions of the other 43 members of Toronto City Council.  Most of the time, the antics of the Ford brothers more resembled the rhetoric of professional wrestling than serious politicians.  Most of whatever civil remarks made by the two brothers was little more than self serving trash talk in which they claimed full credit for any progress made by the council while constantly pointing an accusing finger at some sort of perceived socialist threat posed by anyone that dared to question the path dictated by the two brothers.

The entire behavior of the two brothers (the Fords) made little sense from the get-go. In the Canadian civic political model, a mayor has but a single vote like any other member of the city council.  In the USA, the mayor of major cities operates in a vacuum with ultimate right to overrule the council. Little wonder that #Rob Ford chooses to seek out USA media outlets while either attacking or avoiding Canadian media. Perhaps it would be best for the city of Toronto and the Ford brothers if they would move their act to the USA.

I suspect that Mayor Rob Ford and brother Doug Ford idolize late Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley who held office as mayor from 1989 to 2011.  Daley held absolute power over the Chicago city council rarely consulting or engaging in debate.  He (Daley) was the “absolute” ruler of the town and once said, “Let’s face it: we have a problem in Chicago. The name-calling and politics at City Hall are keeping us from tackling the real issues … I may not be the best speaker in town, but I know how to run a government and how to bring people together.” Rather than take part in name calling, Daley only visited council periodically wherein he would show up to force rubber stamp approval of a pet project.

The ritualistic maneuvers of Toronto City Council over the past two days were little more than window dressing.  The various powers that were moved to become the responsibility of the Deputy Mayor come as no surprise to anyone who has watched Rob Ford’s antics as he rode rough-shod over a docile council that finally turned on him.  If there is a positive in all of this it is probably that Toronto now has a council that has become united much to his chagrin.

For Rob Ford to now threaten to seek legal redress is almost as comical as the “mayor’s” antics during the most recent council debates determining that he was stripped of all but the most ceremonial authority in the city. Throughout the lengthy debate, the Ford brothers demonstrated the worst attributes of personal behavior – a behavior of intimidation and ridicule aimed at those opposed to the alleged Ford Nation’s agenda.

To now follow through with threats of expensive law suits as a result of Mayor Rob being finally reigned in is a direct contradiction of the Fords’ claim of being guardians of every penny of the tax payers’  (not that the penny exists anymore) money.  But the two brothers just do not get it. Even if Ford somehow succeeded in convincing the court that a coup d’être had taken place (as he alleges) he and his brother (Councilor Doug Ford) would end up being part of a city council that would no longer tolerate the bullying and intimidation that appear to be the only way these brothers  can get their point across. Things are never the same for the bully after the class finally turns on him. 

Five years from now, the antics of the Brothers Ford will be little more than an amusing set of tales told about their antics and not their politics. Life goes on for everyone BUT reality is never an easy thing for the classroom bully to deal with.

Goodbye Mayor Robbie and don’t allow the door to bang your ample butt on your way out.


Published by: lloydfournier

Lloyd is the founder of Thunderbird Rising (Thunderbird and the recent recipient of a Humanitarian Award, an author (novels) and a freelance writer. His drill down style of writing is a throw back to classic journalism - completely objective and well researched. His work presents the reader opportunity to rethink issues.

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