Debunking the Myth of Political Polls



We will Never Get the Politicians to Ban Them – they are too useful


I am wondering how influential political polls have become and whether they truly are a danger to democracy.

Voter participation has been on a declining path for generations and I happen to believe that the myriad of political polls being released around the time of each election may have a causal effect.  We live in an era where most people are willfully uninformed about issues and where the leader of the political party’s physical appearance is often the determining factor by the 40% who actually bother to vote.

I reference the phenomenal support shown for newish Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau – a candidate to lead the entire government of Canada and (to date) has said precious little about whatever policies “his government” would inflict on Canada. People seem willing to accept this guy despite the fact that he has nothing to say about how he would create new and meaningful employment so that food could be put onto the table of ordinary Canadians.  He is silent on any meaningful plans as to how he would tackle child poverty but insists on a two minute sound bite that his “priorities are you”.  I wonder if working moms throughout Canada’s priorities include doing nothing about a national affordable day care plan when statistics show increasing numbers of single parent families.  I wonder how many of US senior’s priorities are Trudeau’s priorities including legalizing dope (#marijuana) for youthful recreational drug users.  If you ask me, my priority (as far as drugs go) would be a national pharma care plan with a fulsome list of no charge pharmaceuticals for persons over 65 years old.

I am watching the four by-elections as they unfold in #Canada today and witnessing how pervasive the polling companies have become.  I worry sometimes about the effect of these hired guns. Reading the results of one polling outfit (Forum Research) that one the morning of an important by-election in the Manitoba riding of #Brandon-Souris where Forum has decided the election result before the first ballot has been cast and declared that Liberal Party candidate Rolf Dinsdale is enjoying the support of 59% of the voters and is a full 29 points ahead of his nearest opponent, Conservative Larry Maguire.

Forum executives have even taken simple polling to a new low in providing an opinion that potential voters are angry over the Senate scandal.  Note: I know for a fact the Larry Maguire is likely just as angry over the goings on the Senate of Canada.  Similarly, I have many friends in Manitoba and in this riding and am curious about Forum’s ability to glean their 59% number and to have learned about what (if anything) is upsetting the people who have been polled.  I have been polled and can tell you that present polling methods used by Forum (and the other pollsters) is by way of automated calling centers and utilize robo-voiced pollsters asking you to select a number on your phone key pad to indicate your preference.  There is absolutely no way that the potential voter s is provided any opportunity to discuss whatever he/she may or may not be upset about.

But the working of the polling outfit (Forum) really get brought into doubt when a Winnipeg Free Press writer tells us that he was polled three times by Forum over the past few days.  The writer lives in the riding of Brandon-Souris.

I wonder how many potential voters opposed to the pro-dope policies of wanna-be Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will simply give up, stay home and not vote believe that the by-election in Brandon-Souris is fait accompli.

It may be the right time to ban these polling outfits and it is astounding that various media continue to repeat their poll results.  In this case, since the Liberal Party of Canada commissioned the poll, there is more than a reasonable apprehension of bias.

The next time that Justin Trudeau wags a finger at the other parties accusing them of playing dirty, you now have evidence that he (Trudeau) is more than willing to take part in the dirty and dark side of politics despite his assurances to the contrary.

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