The Money behind the Cannabis Lobby


Do not be mislead, the dope lobby like the Gun Lobby has money behind it…..

You probably have noticed with increasing frequency, more and more stories advocating the legalization of cannabis (and all its derivative products) seem to have materialized out of the blue.  A person may sense that there is a public ground swell in favor of legalizing.  A curious person though may begin asking questions as to who is behind all the media concentration.  There are certainly many many other much more compelling stories that deserve ink in the printed media and time on the air waves.   I chuckled recently about a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) constable who had been duped into donning his iconic red surge RCMP tunic and lighting up a “joint” while media photographers clicked pictures that soon appeared in the news.  Stop for a second and think about that infamous photo opportunity and the message it was intended to convey. 

That red surge tunic is not the day-to-day outfit worn by members of the RCMP.  They normally wear much more mundane uniforms. You can see them when you visit any international airport in Canada. Secondly, as a freelance writer, I can guarantee that the cameras and writers did not just coincidently appear of the scene when this terribly mislead cop decided to allow himself to be drawn into an insane publicity hunt that would doom his twenty year career as a cop.

The particular cop in the photo had managed to convince a doctor to sign an authorization permitting him to use medicinal marijuana.  Allegedly he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) although the video that subsequently appeared when RCMP officials visited his home and collected his various items of RCMP uniform equipment depicted a man who displayed none of the classic symptoms and instead depicted a person who was perhaps suffering from schizophrenia. None of the classic symptoms such as hyper vigilance were evident. Instead the viewer was shown a person capable of showing mood swings ranging from prolonged tear filled moments of self pity to raging anger.

In Canada’s largest city (Toronto) street culture tells us that one single doctor has already signed in excess of 4,000 such authorizations to possess and use medicinal cannabis.  Entire memberships of a few biker clubs carry the membership cards from “Compassion Centres” (were the drug is sold).  The antics of the particular doctor are as well known as the CN Tower.  Want dope? Want a get out of jail free card?  Just pay the nice doctor $250 and you can blow marijuana smoke into the face of any cop who questions you.  I will save you the math: the nice doctor walked away with a cool ONE MILLION DOLLARS all tax free and the “Compassion Center “grew by another 4,000 regular customers.  The bike boys were similarly able to procure their grass from the usual street sources.  Of course the 5 or 6 kilograms that they carried around was “medicinal” and (don’t be silly Mr. Policeman) not drugs in possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The last major research conducted in Canada (the LeDane Report, 1972) left enough still unanswered warnings about the use of the drug called cannabis and its principle ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  Visit the pages containing the LeDane report and you will quickly conclude that cannabis should not be used by persons driving a motor vehicle (including a motorcycle) nor operating machinery.  It is capable of producing hallucinations as well as flash backs.  Therein is the other problem with using cannabis as a “cure” for PTSD.  One of the major manifestations of PTSD is the phenomenon of debilitating flash backs.  It is odd that any doctor would prescribe a drug that produces flash backs to a person who is plagued with haunting flash backs.   

I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories. I am not out looking for picket fences and grassy knolls. Make no mistake, cannabis represents a multibillion dollar business and ONCE this particular Pandora is let out of the bottle, it can never be contained.  The cannabis plant is hardy and quite easy to propagate.  The single cork holding wide spread use of marijuana back are a few laws that are now under attack by way of an enormous and well funded publicity campaign.

If I were to hazard a guess as to where the funding is coming from, I would suggest that those individuals today who are operating the thousands of “Compassion Centers” in Canada and USA already reap sizable profits from the sale of (allegedly) medicinal cannabis (marijuana, hashish etc) and by way of this insane media campaign are attempting to position themselves as industry leaders IF they succeed in getting this dangerous drug legalized and available for recreational use.

Those legitimate users of the drug for medicinal purposes are fools if they advocate wide spread legalization. The medical profession needs to “weed out” (pardon the pun) unscrupulous physicians who sign thousands of such authorizations for profit.  I suggest the logical starting point is for the Crown to effect orders to seize the Membership Lists and doctor’s authorizations so as to identify doctors who have betrayed their oaths requiring them to “DO NO HARM”.

The average citizen who may be quite uninformed would be wise learn about this drug. It could easily kill a member of your family.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has produced a number of research papers explaining why the drug is equally as dangerous as alcohol when operating a motor vehicle. What you don’t know will surprise you. This is an extremely dangerous risk to society that is being advocated by a small group of very greedy individuals.

I suggest that once you equip yourself with knowledge, you may well agree that cannabis should again be added to the list of restricted narcotics and not appear on the controlled substances list.


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