Dope Smoking Cop Arrested for Assault


Charged with Assaulting Another RCMP……………


A week ago, I wrote about an RCMP officer who decided to dress in his formal red surge uniform and puff away on a marijuana cigarette. To my point of view, the entire thing smacked (pardon the pun) of being a publicity stunt.

It was obvious that the pot-puffing-cop liked publicity and had managed to assemble media with cameras to promote public use of cannabis.   Had the process had anything to do with him seeking help for his alleged post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I would have had much sympathy.

I am not a psychiatric expert but happen to know a “bit” about PTSD and have doubts about PTSD being at the root of the constable’s mental state.  That he is unwell, there is little doubt as is evidenced by the latest events he has become involved in.  Seems that his employer (the RCMP) had been attempting to stay in touch with him as a result of his illness and finally asked the local police in New Brunswick to assist in finding him.

He was located and in the ensuing period assaulted another RCMP.  Apparently the event was sufficiently violent that (now famous) constable was tasered and then arrested.

If there is a good side to this story, the constable in question has been placed into a nearby psychiatric evaluation center in order to ascertain his mental state. For this individual, this evaluation may turn out to be a blessing. In the psychiatric center, he will be professionally assessed and, hopefully his real mental issue can be identified.  His quest for public exposure is not (at all) indicative of PTSD and certainly points towards an array of other potential mental illnesses. 

Similarly, it will be interesting to see if mental health professionals would be willing to prescribe medicinal cannabis in treating the man.  I worry that family physicians (general practitioners) are handing out authorizations for use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.  Given the dubious supply network, it is almost unconscionable that a medical professional would prescribe such a drug without having full confidence in the batch for batch potency of the pot being consumed by the patient. The lack of knowledge about how/if this dangerous drug may trigger undiagnosed psychiatric problems such as schizophrenia represents a hazard to the patient as well as to society given the possibility of violent outbursts such as those described in this story.


To my thinking, a great deal of these medicinal permission forms were requested immediately after mandatory minimum sentences legislation (Bill C-15) came into effect in July 2009.  Bill C-15 set harsher sentences for possession of this dangerous drug.  It is well known that one general practioner in Toronto has issued over 4,000 such permission forms and charges his clients $250 each for this “get out of jail free” slip of paper. 

It the case of this RCMP constable it is a real possibility that using cannabis actually aggravated his mental illness and led to this violent outburst.  I have long suspected that the constable allowed himself to be used for publicity by those promoting full scale legalization of cannabis.  A sad story but proof of how manipulative the pro-pot gang can be.  In Europe, the pot business is estimated to be over $15 BILLION dollars per year.  That is more than sufficient reason to ramp up this full scale push to turn loose this dangerous drug in Canada.  But sad because a person with a mental health condition became a useful pawn in that fight. 

Incidentally, legalization is a fight that is certain to be lost and (hopefully) will also result in even tighter controls being placed on the drug.  For those seeking recreational fun, I suggest a less damaging recreation, possibly yoga.


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