A Light Bulb goes OFF


 Stock up now or be in the dark soon…….

Wondering how many consumers know that they will not be able to purchase 75 watt and 100 watt incandescent light bulbs after January 1st.


There goes the government looking after us again.  Look, I am fully supportive of conservation. Most of us seniors are actually forced to conserve in so many ways already based upon the cruel fact of a fixed income.

When one considers how the government already attends to the well being of seniors who have spend lives in the work place, paid for education of our children and then, as a reward are given a $12,000 per year pension after having been forced to contribute to Canada’s Pension Plan.  For the senior, lacking much other choice, it is conserve or starve.  Don’t expect to see line ups of seniors at the fine meats or cheese counters in the supermarkets.

The new law will force those needing the extra lumens of 75 watt and 100 watt light bulbs to now purchase compact fluorescent bulbs that can cost from $1 to $10 dollars more than the old and trusty incandescent. 

There is another thing about getting older: one’s vision begins to fade and those higher wattages are needed to illuminate treacherous places like stairways and slippery outdoor sidewalks.

Thanks government for looking after me and thanks, Federal Finance Minster for opposing increases in the annual Canada Pension Plan amounts given to us.  We are sooooo very grateful for your interest in our well being. And, by the way,,,,,,,enjoy that nice $175,000 a year income you are getting. 

A light bulb will soon be going out above my back stairs.


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