Mismanaged Canada Post cuts Services and increases Fees

Time for the Government to step in and clean house …..

I am flabbergasted even thinking about how mismanagement has run Canada Post into the ground.

By some strange maceration, a fellow named Deepak Chopra became President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post Corporation on January 18, 2011.  According to the public record, Chopra negotiated a five year contract that pays him in excess of $600,000 per year.

Chopra boasted that he had lengthy service in the “postal industry”.  However, upon investigation, it turns out that his “postal” experience was with Pitney-Bowes.  This is a travesty.  Pitney Bowes is not in the business of mail distribution nor public service.  For those that do not know, Pitney-Bowes produces and sells postage machines that automatically print postage onto envelopes and is used by most businesses.

I similarly sense that Chopra’s experience with Pitney-Bowes in the south Asian and African markets where he spent considerable time was not an ideal place to learn much about Canada.  In fact, Chopra’s resume shows that he had been outside of Canada for most of the past 15 years.  My mind turns to the rough time that former Liberal Leader Michael Ignatief received from his critics when he attempted to become Prime Minister of Canada.  Ignatief’s record sparkled compared to Chopra’s track record.  Ignatief had been a well known international author, broadcaster and university professor at Harvard (not Pitney-Bowes)!

As a youth, I recall twice daily mail delivery to each door at a time when it cost less than 5 cents to mail a first class letter anywhere in Canada and another 2 cents to other destinations.  Mail and postal service was important to us then and deemed an essential service averting any potential strike by its often militant union the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW).

The news that Chopra had decided to increase postage rates on the one hand and, on the other hand to take away door to door delivery by 2015.  Chopra will receive $497,000 per year plus some very lucrative perks.  Most significant among those perks is a “personal performance bonus” amounting to about 33% of his annual salary. Do the math and you come up with an annual compensation package of over $660,000 per year.  Don’t ever say that Canada does not give opportunity to its immigrants! 

What really “bugs” me is that Chopra told a bare faced lie recently when questioned by an all party committee in Canada’s House of Commons.  I am a senior and have lived in this country my entire life.  I know a bit about icy sidewalks, brittle bones and arthritis.  However, Chopra claims that the seniors who he spoke with will welcome the opportunity to get out of doors and exercise.  (I do suspect that part of Chopra’s compensation package also includes car and driver furnished by Canada Post).

Chopra argues that if these changes are not made, that Canada Post will fall into default on its employee pension payments to whatever insurance company manages the pension.

Listen, Mr. Chopra; I think that reason ANY CEO is highly paid is dictated by their ability to navigate their employer’s business through rough seas.  These two recommendations (increasing fees and cutting services) are not acceptable and (apparently) someone made a poor choice in bringing this guy (Chopra) onboard.   I for one, as senior reject the information he gave to parliament about seniors accepting the opportunity to exercise and demand that Mr. Chopra back up that statement with proof.

Apparently the criterion to become head of Canada’s national postal service has changed greatly in the days leading up to Chopra being handed this job.

Postal service, especially postal service to seniors and those with disabilities is a “right” and I personally hope that seniors and groups advocating for the disabled will DEMAND that Deepak Chopra be promptly removed from employment for just cause (and without compensation) immediately.   



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