Story Leads Sought

 Chinese Former Refugee Claimants…..




The road to Refugee Protection in Canada has many twists and turns.  From snake heads to Refugee Lawyers, the road has predictable mile markers and, when it comes to claimants from the People’s Republic of China, there is no story like the Falun Gong claims.

I am specifically interested in writing a follow up article about a few individuals who made successful refugee claims from The People’s Republic of China and more specifically claims based on persecution resulting from participation in one specific cult: the Fallun Gong.

Falun Gong during its day at Canada’s Refugee Determination Davison represented and overwhelming and exhausting case load for the Members of the IRB as they attempted to adjudicate refugee claims.

Many claims failed while many also succeeded.  The Falun Gong held sway at the IRB throughout the 1990’s.  I am attempting to flip the pages forward so as to measure the progress of former Falun Gong aspirants to determine how the successful claimants managed a new life in Canada following successful refugee claims.

Share your story with me.  Tell me about your life in Canada following your successful Refugee Claim.


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