Even Charity has An Agenda

Liberals See the World Differently than Normal Folks……

Those dark days of the ice storm really have hurt some people.  Just when you begin to hope that “peace of earth and good will towards mankind” will prevail; the Lieberals begin to play politics again.


Thousands of families in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) were left without power for several days last week during the ice storm.  Left without electricity, frozen food in household fridges thawed, spoiled and needed to be discarded.  Statistics indicate that the average family of four lost from $300 to $500 in spoiled frozen food.  It was wise to discard thawed foods stored in freezers to avoid bacterial contamination.  I suspect that many families had no choice but to discard key menu items for their planned Christmas family feast including frozen turkey.

How refreshing was the news that Ontario’s Lieberal Premier has set out with food hampers into one Toronto neighborhood handing out food hampers.  Things are NEVER that straight forward with Lieberals.  There is always an agenda at work (isn’t there?).  Premier Wynne was announcing that Loblaw’s was donating $25,000 to help families replace lost food.  The Provence of Ontario (that is= tax payers dollars) had agreed to match the Loblaw donation and two days later, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Metro and Sobeys had followed suit.  And I was thinking to myself “what a nice Christmas story!”

Before Premier Wynne ventured into the neighborhood to do her Santa Claus routine, a patrol of Lieberal Party trolls was dispatched into the neighborhood to identify suitable photo opportunities and identify potential recipients who did not like the Lieberals.  Heavenforfend; Premier Wynne did  not need to hear reminders about how her government had squandered One Billion Dollars on gas plant relocation; or another Billion on a failed Ehealth plan or the unexplained kick-back scandal that came out of Orng (the medical helicopter evacuation outfit).

Seems that Premier Wynne is in full scale denial mode on those scandals and would like to distance her from any reminders of how badly her Lieberal party handles public funds.   To make certain that only smiling faces were there for her planned photo opportunity with her gifts of food hampers, a brigade of backroom Lieberal trolls were dispatched into the neighborhood to perform recognizance work.  No one sees these pimple faced trolls.  They operate out of the political offices of the various Lieberal Members of the Legislature and usually reside with the parents where they occupy mom and dad’s basements.

Wondering why the Premier wants to simply pretend and hope everyone forgets the economic harm done by her Lieberal government in Ontario. That squandering of public funds on careless projects such as Orng, EHealth and Gas Plants at a time when the families were hurting financially is (to me) perfectly consistent with taking private donations from Loblaws et al, then matching it with tax dollars and then permitting her party’s back room trolls to handpick “grateful” photo opportunities from among the thousands of needy.

Premier Wynne, instead of denial, why not asks your political party to repay the costs squandered over the years by the McGuinty/Wynne caucus.

I guess the good news is that her little cadre of trolls will be off the public payroll after the next election and can foresee those individuals returning to their rightful jobs in fast food places across Ontario.

It is shameful that anyone (including the Premier) would play politics with charity at a time of widespread hardship and I am hard-pressed to understand how these trolls justify their pay checks.

I guess we know who is naughty and who is nice.


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