Logic that only a Junkie can Understand


The twisted logic of an Addict….

People are not that difficult to figure out and sometimes, we give them a bit too much credit.  There is such a persistent push to force legalization of the drug cannabis onto a population that has no use for yet another social problem.

There seems to be a central theme to most of the arguments in favor of legalization of the (very!) dangerous drug: cannabis. That theme is the most recent application of the “big lie” as was practiced by the Nazi’s during the past world war.  In a few words, the “big lie” theory is that if you consistently tell the same lies repeatedly, folks will begin to accept the lie as if it is a truth.

Those individuals who are persistently attempting to “finesse” a devious little scheme to convince the unsuspecting majority that this “drug” is completely harmless and represents zero risks to its recreational users. The time and energy being expended by those attempting to put marijuana onto the shelves in the corner stores should be telling the story that the prize is as “high” as the drug’s users.  Do a Google search of any of the terms related to cannabis (marijuana, hash etc etc) and you will get several dozen pages of suggested web sites.  Watching these trends over the past few months as the pro-legalization lobby has doubled and then redoubled its attempts to sneak this drug onto the open market provides some validation as to the amount of money being expended on very professional “PR”.  Numerically, such a search will yield results pointing to web sites sponsored by the illegal drug industry.  Easily, 20 pro-marijuana site appear in any search for every one site produced by legitimate medical, police and scientific experts.  Large amounts of money are being literally tossed at getting their message out. 

Web sites are not cheap and the majority of these sites are extremely well built.  What is lacking in fact is compensated for with professional ad-agency quality glitter. Since those producing these sites very seldom offer an audit trail, it is difficult to pry out the root sources.    A skeptic should ask him/herself just how trustworthy and reliable is the information provided by an anonymous source.  In other cases, supposed “experts” are offered up as factual sources.  A bit of checking leads to a dead end in most cases.

At present, the medicinal cannabis is distributed by “not for profit” compassion (or friendship) centers. As not for profit agencies, these organizations pay no tax and are permitted (under tax law) to incur legitimate advertising expenses as long as the expense is consistent with the stated purpose of the agency.  In these cases, the stated purpose of the compassion centre is the safe supply of medicinal marijuana.  When (however) the advertising costs such as professional web sites is used to promote legalization of recreational marijuana, we are all in effect subsidizing those centers by permitting them to have a tax holiday.   

One simple question does BEG an answer in all of this.  It is paradoxical that (on the one hand) these centers are given a free ride based on the allegation that what they are providing has medicinal value.  On the other hand, the advertising they are promoting to encourage full scale legalization claims that the drug is HARMLESS.  That is an amazing contradiction in addition to being a scheme to defraud tax.  Either the drug is harmless and has no medicinal value OR the drug is far too dangerous to be turned lose for recreational purposes. You cannot suck and blow at the same time on this.

What some “idea” of the tremendous profit potential?  In the state of Colorado, marijuana was recently approved for recreational consumption.  Reports from main-stream media verify that in the short period of two weeks, one-eighth of a gram of cannabis has increased in consumer prices from $25 to in excess of $80.  (so much for the argument that legalizing the drug will wipe out the black market sale of cannabis. Given these types of price points, I suspect that the black market has been provided a great advantage. Similarly, there is no calculation of the social costs that derive from this drug.  Little wonder that Colorado is called “the mile high state”.  Let’s hope that the feds act appropriately and stop this little experiment before it becomes uncontrollable.   The most likely starting point for Federal intervention would seem to indicate that it is about time the IRS (in the States) and Revenue Canada begin audits of the advertising expenses that are being used as tax deductions by the compassion and friendship centers.  While legitimate private medical clinics as well as the pharmaceutical industry are not able to deduct advertising expenses that do not relate directly to terms of reference of the non-profits, these two bit hucksters are enjoying an undeserved tax holiday.

If these various non-profits manage to pull this off, we will be looking at a small group of instant millionaires.  Experience tells us that these new entrepreneurs have seldom even held a full time job.

Inform yourselves folks. Do you really want drug addicted people driving cars and putting the public at risk?

Begin to take part in the discussion.  Cannabis is far from harmless….. Though, the argument being used by the compassion centers and friendship centers about the drug’s benign and harmless characteristics is intriguing.  Perhaps we should take these statements as accurate and declare that cannabis has no medicinal value and thus, put the compassion/friendship centers out of business.


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