Error corrected.



I earlier produced a photograph of Colorado governor (John Hickenlooper).  He is the fellow that caved in to the drug addicts in Colorado.  The incorrect photo is on the right and was the photo of another dope mastermind (Timothy Leary).

 I apologize to Mr. Leary for confusing his photo with the present day Colorado dope guru. Present Colorado Governor, Hickenlooper is on the left above. 

Such is the case with most legislation coming from Democrats in the States,  Hickenlooper had assured everyone that the state would make truck loads of tax on the sale of the legalized dope.  He also assured everyone that his scheme would wipe out black market sales.

News for Hickenlooper and similar impractical ideologues; the USA is a free market capitalist economy.  When demand is increased by removal of sanctions, prices will increase.  We note increases as “high” as 300% at the dope dispensaries in Colorado.  This has now prompted Colorado drug addicts to hint that they would like the government to now intervene and effect price controls for their dope.  That is quite a change from earlier persistent demands from the drug addicts that the government had no business regulating this extremely dangerous drug.

Talk about entitlement?  What’s next from the drug addicts? Increased social assistance and welfare payments?  Wondering why people who cannot afford an addictive habit (such as recreational cannabis use) feel entitled to use it and wondering why ideologues such as Hickenlooper insist on social engineering in such matters.

Apparently two of Hickenlooper’s key ideas on legalization of this dangerous drug have had the wheels fall off.  His idea that the State of Colorado would reap huge tax incomes failed almost immediately when “legalized dope” costs exceeded black market prices.  News flash, Mr. Hickenlooper; there are no taxes collected on balck market drugs.  His seocndary assurance that the legalized drug would wipe out the black market died at the same time. Oh well.

Looking forward to the next “shoe to drop” when one of Colorado’s drug addicts gets caught with Colorado purchased dope in nearby Wyoming, Nebraska, or  Kansas, The matter will then be in the hands of the Federal Government and the FBI who for good/valid reasons have not followed  Hickenlooper’s lead.

Keep token, governor Hickenlooper, you are looking very silly in all of this.


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