Justin Trudeau at it Again

 We’ll do politics differently (so he says)…….


Justin Trudeau is a bit of a riverboat gambler.  A year ago, he pranced onto the center stage after being anointed the next messiah of the federal Liberal party.  How bad things are with that dysfunctional group is a matter of public record.  Once regarded as Canada’s national party, they were humbled to third party status after a huge kickback scandal.  That scandal was so huge that it makes Duffy and his senate buddies look like school kids. One high ranking former Liberal big wheel is still in prison and just two weeks ago, another was finally dragged into court.

The pathetic part about the Liberal in Canada is that (until this day!) there has been not a single expression of contrition.  Regrets?  I suppose they have a single regret: that they were caught and outed.  The funds stolen and misappropriated were tax payers’ funds that could have made life a “bit better” for the poor and weak in Canada. Instead, as a result of personal entitlement that is so prevalent among those involved in the “Big Red Machine”, the money found its way into the pockets of party insiders.  That sadly is the legacy of Liberalism in Canada.   Young Trudeau pulls in $20,000 each time he shows up to speak at charity events.

Entirely consistent with his Liberal predecessors, Trudeau had a great deal to say about misuse of public funds and members of parliament expense accounts.  Last year he determined that his Liberal caucus colleagues would make their travel expenses known publicly.  After such disclosures were made for one single period, they mysteriously stopped again.  Alas, access to information requests by media reveals that Justin Trudeau has been a very frequent flyer including expensing trips for which he was ineligible.   Sounds like another case of “Don’t do as I do. Do as I say.”


Young Trudeau, the latest in a line of wannabe national leaders managed to convince the delegates at the Liberal convention that his “experience” as a drama coach and part time ski instructor were vital tools for the next prime minister.

Word has just leaked out that Justin Trudeau has proved himself to be a real-genuine Liberal.  He too has been caught with his fist in the federal financial cookie jar. Justin has found that life in parliament is not nearly as exciting as jet setting around Canada.  He has learned that his speaking appearances command handsome fees while life in parliament does not suit him.  Attendance records revealed by the National Post show that Trudeau does not spend much time in parliament showing up for about 30% of the required meetings.  The folks in his riding of Papineau are not being represented over 60% of the time that parliament meets.  Seems the Liberal messiah is much more interested in gallivanting around the country and collecting huge fees for his speeches about such things as legalized recreational marijuana.  His “act” is wearing thin and sooner or later, he is going to be hauled back to earth.  After listening to a few  of Justin Trudeau’s activities in the House of Commons, it is little wonder that he prefers to be on the road (on the public expense) and having cute photo opportunities with young female supporters.

Reflecting on Trudeau’s victory speech made on the night of his “anointment” as Leader of the Liberal Party and pro-tem messiah of a failed party, it would seem that his statements cannot be taken at face value.  When Trudeau said that he intended to do politics differently, it may well have only meant that the scam money would now go into a new pocket.

His party would be wise to shed this shipwreck about to happen.  Failing that, Justin Trudeau could easily become famous for one thing.  He could become the final and last leader of the once powerful Liberal Party of Canada.


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