The Cruel, mean spirit of the Trudeau Clan Reveals Iteself

 People are getting shot on the street in Kiev. The world holds its collective breath and the (theoretical) Next Prime Minister cracks jokes. (who is writing his speaking notes? Marie Antoinette?)

A message to all Ukranian people. Please accept our apoology for Jusitn Trudeau. He does not speak for Canadians……………………….. Будь ласка, прости канадців за дурні зауваження Джастін Трюдо. Він не представляє свою точку зору …канадців і ніколи не матиме таких повноважень. Він досить безглуздо в більшості речей, які він говорить.

Correctly, the Ukraine ambassador has demanded an apology for very cruel and insenstive comments made at a time of great crisis in Kiev. While the world holds its breath, only a clown would find humour in such misery. Good for us Canadians as we are seeing the same mean/cruel and sarcatic disposition of King Pierre. Apparently this apple did not fall fr from the tree. Bring on the election and lets get this kid off the public stage and back where he is comfortable- the spoiled rich kid on the ski slopes. Young Trudeau’s crass mlouth continues to get him into trouble – now on world stage along side Rob Ford.


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