I Have Justin Trudeau Figured out – finally



Last weekend, he got written up simply by dropping an “F” bomb at an area sports event in front of a camera and mic.  When I flip back though previous days/weeks of media, he is there regularly. When you look at the entire series of events together, you can form a pretty accurate opinion of precisely what he is trying to accomplish.

On a constant basis he does or says something so outlandish that it gets him into the media. If he were not attempting to obtain the most powerful position in Canada, I would pay him no attention.

Make a mental list of his boorish and frequently idiotic capers whether it is publicly swearing at a n event, telling us that he prefers the Chinese dictatorship to any other form of government, making smart ass/off the cuff remarks about the crisis in Crimea or extolling the virtues of his pot usage and look at what is missing instead of what he is having written about him.  Did you notice it? There is not a single uttering things that have a real effect on the day-to-day lives of Canadians.  He has been elected (hahaha) leader of the Liberal Party for now over one full year and we have yet to hear not a word about the things he would do for Canadians if (gawd help us) he ever got power.

I am left asking myself when his vacation ends in the media. When will people stop “cutting him slack” and holding him to the same measure and test as any other leader?


I have come to a few conclusions about Trudeau II and they are not ones that would cause me to support him or any of his candidates.  Seems to me that the reasons that Trudeau performs these stunts instead of giving us a vision of his leadership is PROBABLY because he no such visions and is incapable of thinking of issues (there are quite a few beginning with housing, education, health care and fair treatment for Canada’s Aboriginal population).  Justin Trudeau is doing what he is doing because as an egomaniac  he is driven by seeing his name in print and is laughing at all of us.

“what a clown.  Maybe he is trying to take away the memories of what the last government run by his party did in Ottawa (AdScam scandal) or what the Ontario branch did with gas plants.  The Ontario fiasco is still unfolding but most families will feel the second pinch next fall during heating season. Enbridge has just announced a 40% hike in natural gas prices for consumers while tax payers paid $1.1 billion for two gas plants that never got built. 


I guess it makes sense that Trudeau is resorting to stunts. Why would ANY Liberal speak about their plans?


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