News Flash – Elvis is Alive.


Don’t believe me?

Somewhere in the secret parts of Queen’s Park in the sub basement exists the secret catacombs where survival strategy for the existing Liberal government in Ontario is connived daily.

My vision of this “political skunk works” is that it is likely populated by a cadre of pimple faced aides who are convinced as the extent of public credulity.  Some say that on a quiet day when not much is happening upstairs, the mantra by which the “scheme team” operates can be heard on the main floor. It is said that strains of Elvis songs filter through the aged floors and, if one listens very carefully, you can hear the music by which this strange group of image mechanics work daily.  Songs such as “I’m Yours”; “I will be True”; “Just Pretend” and “love Me Tender” can be detected when a member of the public walks the main lobby – if you listen carefully on any quiet day.

Far below, this fearless gang is busy cooking up one scheme or another in the hope that ripped off tax payers will forgive and forget all the scandals and all the tax dollars squandered by the Liberal caucus.  After all, does the Liberal not have an inherent right to govern forever?

Traditionally budgets are announced by way of a formal process in the Legislature. That is, after all how representative government was intended to operate. To circumvent the legislature and do otherwise is to deny the authority of the institution that we call the Legislature.

In the latest attempts to “spin” the Liberal Party back into the good books, it seems that our little cadre of teenaged spin doctors has twigged upon something significant. For months and months, voters have caught wind of one scandal or another by way exposure in the media.  That exposure often came by way of “leaked” secret information that cast a dim light on the Liberals at Queen’s Park.

It seems that a new strategy has been unveiled.  Why not seep good news parts of the budget before the budget (in its entirety) is formally disclosed as it should be disclosed – in the Legislature. Would a novel approach! If it worked, the public may become so enthused about the “good news” items that it would overlook the bad stuff.

And, it began today!  An allegedly secret source seeps information that Ontario is in less debt than previously known.  According to the “source” the province of Ontario is ONLY $11 billion dollars in debt. That seeped number is $400 million lower than previous official estimates. Oops, the problem with seepage announcements is that they cannot be managed.  Seems that, hidden under the reactions to Rob Ford’s latest news was the fact that a British shipbuilder has been commissioned to build a custom made “water limonene and four custom made water taxis so that they are ready for the opening of the Pan Am games on July 10, 2015.


What a novel new sport: water limo races should be. I have seen hydroplane boat races in the Detroit River many years ago but the opportunity to watch $400 million water limo’s racing on Lake Ontario should be a special treat for the taxpaying public.

These are truly amazing times. Water Limo races, 40% increases in natural gas for consumer at a time when the Liberal party is bragging that they are counting record levels of donations from the gullible public.  Just a simple question for the Ontario Liberal Party: why not use those record donations to repay the taxpayers for the two gas plants that did not get built and cost the taxpayers $1.1 billion? Just asking?

Is it not fascinating that the spin team spitting out budget leaks failed to add that even if the accumulated government debt is $11 billion, that almost 10% of that is a result of the gas plant scandal.

Just the musings of a senior citizen attempting to live on a fixed income.


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