Billions of Canadian Dollars in Foreign Aid while First Comunities Neglected




Abject poverty in many/most FN communities. The ones in the north (that I have visited) are without fit housing, proper educational resources and absent the minimum requirements as set out in the Canada Health Act. Heck, many such communities do not even have safe drinkable water. Yet, I see things like this and I wonder: here are Canada’s donations to various foreign governments in 2013:Hamas – 351 M,

Pakistan- 2 B,
Libya 1.45 B,
Egypt- 397 M,
Mexico- 622 M,
Russia- 380 M,
Haiti- 1.4 B,
Jordan- 463 M,
Kenya- 816 M,
Sudan- 870 M,
Nigeria- 456 M,
Uganda- 451 M,
Congo- 359 M,
Ethiopia- 981 M,
South Africa- 566 M,
Senegal- 698 M,
Mozambique- 404 M,
Zambia- 331 M,
Kazakhstan- 304 M,
Iraq- 1.08 B,
Tanzania- 554 M,
With literally Billions and they still hate us! Time to stop this gravy train..


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