Taking Advantage of Canada’s Constitution




It is deeply troubling to watch racial hatred being fermented. Any advanced society has its share of idiots and Canada is not an exception. Andy Warhol once said that each person can expect five minutes of fame. Such is the case of the mindless morons who began distributing some overtly racist flyers around Brampton Ontario. It seems that Brampton was chosen by theses lunatics because of its high percentage of residents from with South Asian family history. Look, I too sometimes wonder about the bona-fides of many wearing a turban person when I observe them in a bar (or worse, running a bar) BUT I have more than equal loathing for alleged “Christians” who live greatly less than Christian lives. As an Aboriginal person, my mind harkens back to Canada’s Residential Schools that (by and large) were operated by various Christian churches and run by allegedly devout Christians. I am long past being shocked by persons or individuals who think or look differently and perhaps multiculturalism is either a good or bad thing. It is what it is and perhaps the concept was poorly thought out. There are certainly arguments that can be made both ways. I for one would certainly love to see greater efforts made to integrate fully into this wonderful land called Canada. The recent effort to ferment racial hatred is a dangerous game and one that is simply being exploited under the guise of “freedom of speech”. I am the type of person who will (and does) spend time researching so as to learn more of the motives of individuals who would operate web sites and print racist flyers. Jim Keegstra began the same way – unless memory fails me. A look “behind the curtain” of the group calls itself Immigration Watch Canada and seems to have its Genesis in British Columbia. British Columbia also has high concentration of turban wearing Sikhs. Back in the 1960’s British Columbia also originated an anti-social blight that its advocates called, “bang a paki”. It openly advocated physical attacks on persons appearing to be from South Asia. This group, though has much deeper and more sinister aims than simply provoking physical attacks on persons who’s appearance was different. My research also established that they are connected to extreme-far-right groups in the USA. Above is one of the flyers earlier distributed by Immigration Watch, Canada. This one is advocating the USA Second Amendment (the right to possess arms and individual rights to arm him or herself). Perhaps if these allegedly zealous little twisted Christian soldiers would read a bit of their own scripture, they would adhere to the teachings of Jesus the Christ who said, “But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” (John 8:7). As an Aboriginal person, I ask you this; how much more entitled to be here in Canada and here on Turtle Island are you or your ancestors ?? Just asking… Grow up. Find gainful employment and get rid of the bitterness you demonstrate by way of those flyers. Canada’s immigrant population is not the reason for your own personal failure. Hopefully the Peel Regional Police will also solicit help from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Hopefully, the Courts will deal appropriately with each of you. And, hopefully you will be given the opportunity to get “up close and personal” with a few visible minorities thanks to Correction Services of Canada. The Minimum Mandatory Sentence laws will benefit you more than most. Most good people simply tossed your racists brochures into the garbage where (frankly) they belong. You have not only upset Sikhs and Indo-Paks by your ignorant and outrageous racial rants, you insult me – and, by the way, I have much more right to be in this land than you!

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