Be The Change that is Badly Needed


When I endorse a candidate, it is a result of forming an opinion as to whether that candidate would fairly and honestly represent the general good of society.

I do not like most  politicians and I  have been too deeply immersed in the world of politics for most of my adult life (and I am OLD!).  Be warned: I have not much time for the hucksters and self-serving folks out there who see public service as a free ride.

I came across Paul Vicente who is running for Regional Councilor in Brampton’s Wards 1 and 5. I kicked the tires on this one and like what I am seeing and hearing.  Vicente has those old-time values that a key to “community”.  He has been dogged and tireless in his pursuit of a seat on council presently held by an incumbent who has been less than what is needed in a fast growing, multi-cultural community.

I respect Paul’s insights into the real issues that affect the families living in this city.  As a successful small businessman, Paul does not have his head in the clouds and as the father of a young family, Paul posses those family values that must remain front and center as a main part of decision making at Brampton’s City Hall.

Paul Vicente has earned my endorsement as Regional Councilor for Wards 1 and 5 and I hope he earns your vote on October 27, 2014.

Let’s be the change we want so badly and use good judgment in casting our votes.


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