My Thought on This Ontario Election


I am enjoying this election. It finally arrived, and not soon enough! This one is a no-brainer. The Liberal and NDP Attack Ads are indicative of desperation. $300 billion in debt, more deficits each budget, outrageous salary and benefit entitlements in a dysfunctional public sector, private sector employers closing daily, escalating auto insurance rates and utility rates, one million unemployed , the highest youth unemployment rates in Canada. . and the Liberals and NDP promising to spend more in hope of using my money to but a vote….Enough; in fact too much already. It’s time for some tough love in the hope that a PC majority will right the ship. The alternative is total collapse. Think about it. Six days left. Make an investment in Ontario’s future.

Like many other seniors living on fixed incomes, these wastes effect my ability to make ends meet. Like the one million unemployed families in Ontario; like the countless under employed ~ our “working poor”; like bright, promising and well educated youth who are unable to begin life because one, after another our best employers are closing shop and moving to jurisdictions (many in USA now) that have more economical electrical costs and more attractive corporate tax rates there are not many real choices this time.

Do not be mislead by the alleged well-meaning endorsements of the teachers’ here in Ontario being heaped on the NDP and the Liberals.  Facts speak louder than words.  These same teachers showed their “dedication” to Ontario’s students only two years ago by withdrawing their services in our schools as a bargaining ploy.  Facts speak louder than words.  The average salary for teachers here in Ontario exceeds $90,000.  In nearby Michigan, teachers are receiving $70,000 per year and doing quite well. It is time to reign in the teachers and a sprawling public sector and begin putting emphasis on bringing real growth back to Ontario.

An interesting fact: I recently had a conversation with a Liberal who is seeking reelection in Toronto.  She attempted to brush off Ontario’s tail spin as the result of the recently passed recession.  Do you know that Ontario is now classified as a “have not province” and is the recipient of Federal equalization payments? As recently as nine years ago, Ontario as a “have province” was contributing to equalization payments.  On the other hand, Newfoundland (a have not province nine years ago) is now a contributor and the two provinces positions have flip-flopped.

In no small measure, those scandals (EHealth, Ornge, “gas plants” and now MaRS building) are adding to a crushing debt load.  Moody’s  the world famous bond rater has twice down graded Ontario’s credit worthiness. The end result is that when Ontario seeks money in the bond market, we are now compelled to give lenders a much higher interest rate because of perceived risk.

There is only one obvious choice in this election.  Let’s hope that voters wake up to the looming crisis and elects a Progressive Conservative majority government.  To those still trying to make up their minds, it is time to STOP catering to special interest groups such as our teachers; unions.


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