Brampton Forensic Audit- Coming Soon

Imagebillboardbannertm (1)

I suspect that the results of the forensic audit of Brampton city council members discretionary spending habits is soon to be released.

Priced in the area of $200,000; what will it tell us?  More importantly; what will we hear?  Observing the antics of the cadre at center stage for this audit, I can make a few predictions.

Having poured over the city council expense summaries that appear on the official web site of the City of Brampton, I surmise that there is more than a little bit of dirt to be made public concerning a few of those seated around Brampton City Council Chambers each Wednesday.

My best assessment is this.  When all is said and done, we are likely to learn that those council members who made the most noise about suspicions of Mayor Susan Fennell’s expense accounts are likely the biggest offenders misusing public funds.  I do not want to second guess the audit firm, but there are more than a few serious indiscretions pertaining to those at the center of this storm.

My own research revealed one regional councilor who regularly uses staff time and city gear to promote his /her own endeavors.  I had access to a number of documents pertaining to events this individual has planned over the years.  Those events were not only hosted by the individual but by his/her siblings.  City staff has been used on a number of occasions to erect city owned stages and tents in far-flung locations including Pearson Airport and the family farm.  These events are so similar to the infamous “gala” events that one would have to be completely biased to not recognize those similarities. 

I have found an expensive security system placed at the home of one individual and campaign type signage purchased on the taxpayers’ dime by another pair of council members.  Despite a generous and all encompassing monthly car allowance provided to each councilor, I observe regular “double dipping” by many of them as they bolster their entitlements but adding toll highway bills each month.  It goes on and on.  Many of these individuals regularly charge for both cell phones and home phones.  It makes one wonder if these individuals use telephones for their own personal reasons as well.

I guess that I can predict one thing.  When the audit does become public, we will again be hearing from a junior writer who sells his stories to the Toronto Story. I wonder what this individual will have to say when it is revealed that Mayor Fennell’s audit reveal very little whereas the audit of his friends on Council revealed a fair amount of genuine dirt.

Best guess?  The writer will question the professionalism of the audit firm.


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