New Liberal Scandal Uncovered



I am Not Impressed by NewSpeak surrounding alledged Brampton Hospital

 The backroom handlers for Liberal Party politicians have their own code-names for it.  The rest of us recognize it for what it is: a bare-faced lie. 

Almost ten years ago, the freshly elected Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty had just arrived in office.  Those of us who bothered to vote were impressed by that party’s alleged interest in things that touched the population (health care and education, to name two issues).

The backroom handlers refer to what is now being fed to the population by secret terms such as “spin” and “channel changing”.

When the Liberals took office, there was popular support for a second (and badly needed) hospital in Brampton.  Little wonder that there was such demand for a second full scale hospital.  The city’s population was growing incrementally and other (much smaller cities and town – Kingston, Windsor, London etc) already had two or more fully functioning hospitals available within their boundaries.

Brampton’s sole hospital was running at full capacity and having a difficult time keeping up.  Certainly, catering to the high ethnic demographics in Brampton, there was little or no complaints about locating a second hospital inside a largely ethnic area.  Some (more skeptical than I) would suggest that the hospital site was vote buying at its basest level.

And then the demolition began at Brampton’s main hospital: Peel Memorial (PMH).  Within months, all that would remain was rubble.  The “spin” began about the deplorable condition of the revered Peel Memorial Hospital.  The oldest portion o f the existing building was little more than 80 years old (a virtual child compared to similar facilities in Toronto).  No mention was made of the fact that the most modern “wing” of PMH was less than 20 years old.

The short-pants, pimple-faced fib mechanics had the story ready even before there was opportunity to verify the validity of claims about fungus and mould having infested the site.  The evidence vanished as quickly as a contract for a gas-powered electricity plant.  In the mean time, the new hospital had its own struggles with cleanliness.  Karma is a “bitch”.

This brings us to where we are today.  The Liberals got together for a photo opportunity equipped a fresh pile of spin and channel-change documents. It seems that (according to them) that we do not need a second hospital.  Guess why?  A (basically) walk in medical clinic that closes each day at 9PM will suffice.  They call it new medicine.  Others have a quite different two word (bovine) term. 


Those 350 functioning hospital beds are not required after all (go figure!!).  Al that is really needed would apparently be a walk in clinic with day surgery capabilities. 

Look, Brampton is a diverse and thriving community of over 480 thousand. The municipality is orientated east/west and traffic moving east/west within the boundaries of the municipality does not move well.  The oldest of Brampton’s residents live in the western side of town. These are residents who most likely will require the use of a hospital.

The spin doctors do point out that in the event such needs do (????) exist by those in west Brampton, they will be transported  elsewhere…..hmmm.  In the fashion of Liberal logic, that makes sense, doesn’t it?   You folks in Brampton do not need a real hospital with real beds, because a new definition of medicine (and the Canada Health Act) has been coined in the skank parlor where Liberal spin is dished up daily by a “cute” little team of spin-masters (or what-to-be spin masters).

There is always valid reason to look beyond the surface with Liberal politicians in Canada.  There is something quite smug and unsavory in their modus operandi.  Most have long ago realized that there probably is valid reason why the Liberal “brand “has too often been referred to as “fiberals” and “lieberals”.  The trend towards more (and more) blatant Liberal scandals in Canadian politics gives valid cause to ask a simple question, “why did they lie about Peel Memorial Hospital”???

Do your own research.  (where there is high-level deceit, there is high level opportunity) . You may be quite surprised that at some point in time, most fat/juicy government construction contracts have quite a twisted “audit trail”.  This contract opened at in excess of $500 million and has a unique twist to it.  They have created a new method of extracting money from the general public.  They added part of the cost onto the residents’ municipal tax bill.  This one will be fun to untangle when the chicken come to roost. 

The new Liberal mantra is promise them what they demand and then change the definition…. Cute?  Ontario just voted this scandal ridden operation (the Liberals) back into office solely because a few (100,000) excess civil servants worried that their personal “entitlements” may be subtracted.  Instead, we got this gang for another 4 years…..Lord help us.  We appear to have saved the cradle-to-grave employment entitlement for a fortunate few and will have to get used to accepting corruption, deceptions and political spin as a consequence.  


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