Federal Byelections Next Week


 I am watching two Federal by-election campaigns in metro-Toronto and (frankly) enjoying the antics of the “Messiah” (AKA :Justin Trudeau).  At many times, this Justin reminds us of the “other Justin”: Justin Beiber.  The two Justins do have a great deal in common.

As far as outlandish buffoonery counts, the similarities are very dramatic.  Both of these boy/men resort to absurd antics to constantly keep them just inside the public conscience but aloof enough that none of us have a moment to figure them out.

That the Liberal Party of Canada is in major trouble is an understatement.  It has suffered a near-death experience by way of the “Ad-Scam” scandals and seems to be constantly on life-support as it bounces from one leader to another like a sail boat trying to right itself in a major storm.   I say that because all sense of direction is long gone and the weary ship “grit” seems to spend an inordinate amount of time with its bow submersed while managing to stay afloat after taking repeated broadside reputation hits.

Watching Justin Trudeau in action is high comedy at its best (or worst).  After false steps in Stephan Dion and Michael Ignatieff failed to right this ship wreck, the party latched on to Justin (the Messiah) Trudeau.  A perfect choice?  Probably not.  Absolutely zero policy and a habit of not attending to his duties in the House of Commons, he chose to travel instead. 

The new Liberal dictum appears to display little ability to even attempt to understand complex issues.  Instead, under the Messiah, the Liberal Party no longer has party members. Instead of working at fixing huge rifts that were becoming apparent between long-time Grits and the rogue (Trudeau) regime that entrenched itself, the new regime simply proclaimed that long –time Liberals were irrelevant and in one fell-swoop, Trudeau excommunicated one large (and powerful) group of quite influential Liberals by proclaiming that Liberal Senators were no longer “Liberal” Senators.

Casting one’s mind back to Justin Trudeau’s snappy speech made to Party Faithful moments after winning the leadership of the Federal Grits, young Trudeau waxed philosophical about cleaning up politics.  There were all kinds of promises made about full disclosure of parliamentary spending (beginning with his own expenses) and a fresh/new approach to democracy.

Where did it lead us?  For those of you who do bother to keep score, Trudeau has been now found in violation of parliamentary rules on spending and (twice) has been required to repay amounts that were out of line.  On another case, he was forced to repay speaking fees that he charged to a legitimate charity where he took part in a speaking opportunity.  In that case, he had expenses parliamentary travel to attend the event and then attempted to bilk the charities for tens of thousands of dollars. When that issue blew up into scandal in early 2013, the Messiah simply stayed out of the public spot light for a few months.

On the “new path to democracy front” young Trudeau’s Svengali-like control over his own party and a doting media netted this glaring misdeed concerning open nominations in the by-elections about to take place.  In the face of two Toronto byelections the Liberals simply declared an “electoral state of urgency” which would allow Liberal leadership to alter the typical nomination process.

There you have it, my fellow Canadians.  You now have an (alleged) national party that does not have members and at the same time in such internal turmoil that they have cut off any relationship with traditional grass root support.

I can safely observe these items as fact.  (1) Trudeau has basked in the absence of media scrutiny to the detriment of national good.  Further (2) his steps thus far are troubling to democracy itself. Where once the media was “all over “the Reform/Tory “ party over issues such as right to life, young Trudeau has aligned himself openly with the pro-choice (abortion) camp. In so doing, he has seen fit to deprive his own caucus colleagues with open and free choice and instead is likely to deregister the party status of those who disagree with him.

All of this, from Trudeau who has made more than a few of his brain-farts public by declaring that “as a Quebecer” he is superior and if Canada ever should shed Quebec as a province, he (Trudeau) would move to Quebec and disavow being Canadian.

These, my friends are NOT the words and actions of an adult who has respect for democracy and more and more impress as the desperate antics of a petulant/spoiled child. It does give us some appreciation for why Justin Trudeau likes marijuana.


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