Vladimir Putin, Dangerous Man and Risk to Peace

[Amazing similarities: Crimea; Syria and Gaza]

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Like most folks I have been shocked to watch the simultaneous and compelling events that filled media and captured our collective attention over the past few days.  There is not any smug joy as I reflect back to this past February and March when personal friends in the Ukraine began communicating about exactly what the Russia regime was engineering and directing in the Eastern Ukraine region of Crimea.

I had pointed out that (even before the emergence of Russia from the former Soviet Union (USSR)) that Russian state apparatus, as early as the late 1960’s had secretly moving Russian nationals into the eastern half of the Ukraine.

Check previous analysis for motive, and you will quickly figure out that more than just a grab for territory.  This chunk of land represents a strategic military warm water port for the Russians.  This has been a long standing scheme and is a scheme that clearly violates a number of international treaties; some of those treaties reaching back also 75 years.

There is a huge commonality between the former Soviet Union and present day Russia.  I established that present day Russian President, Vladimir Putin served substantial time with the Soviet Secret Police apparatus.  In fact, this man led the Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (KGB).  That organization had a record that oft would make Hitler’s Gestapo seem like choir boys.  For the past ten (10) years, Putin has attained almost complete control of his own country (Russia) and with a bit of research you can see similar KGB strategy and tactics being employed by Putin.

Those world events in Gaza and in Eastern Ukraine over the weekend were shocking and, like many others my initial reaction was shock and anger. Rather than reacting from anger, I paused 24 hours to permit logic to prevail in the thoughts I hold about these events.

While we watched clear and concise evidence of Russian supplied BUK Rocket launchers being used to launch a heat-seeking “Gadfly” (SA11) rocket to murder almost 300 innocent people aboard Malaysia Airlines flight number MH17 more compelling is the fact that the pro-Russian rebel army in eastern Ukraine, we watch international investigative agencies being effectively kept from the debris fields by heavily armed thugs.  Twenty four hours later, these same Russian rebels in the field at the crash site are busy looting currency, identity documents much like a pack of wolves. Bodies are now decomposing and key evidence is being tampered with. That evidence will likely implicate not only the Russian rebel forces but reach right into the Kremlin onto the desk of Putin.

Turning to Gaza, the same pattern repeats itself.  Look, they do not build rockets in Gaza. Those rockets that rained down on dozens of neighboring Israeli came from Russia.  The kaliznakoff rifles in the hands of Hamas and in the hands of these pro-Russian paramilitary forces in Ukraine are from Russia.  The handguns and the heavy weapons such as rockets and missiles can all tracked right back to “mother Russia”.  The modus operandi employed in Ukraine and Gaza are mere photocopies of each other.  Putin has been covertly arming rebel groups in both countries while pretending to maintain a hands off position. That smiling face betrays the fact that Russia has steadfastly refused to sign on to international agreements that would restrict export by such weapons.

The unarmed civilian population in Gaza and the passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines flight number MH15 are both victims of Vladimir Putin’s plan for global strife. The combined blood of all the victims is on Putin’s hands.  The frightening fact is that Putin seems to enjoy watching the pains caused by his strategy and tactics.  The fact that he has attempted to draw two sovereign states (Ukraine and Israel) in his scheme is evil and ought to be dealt with.

There are options. I certainly can never understand why Ukrainian President,  Petro Poroshenko not asking for direct intervention by UN and Nato forces in driving out the Russian thugs in Eastern Ukraine.  His country (the Ukraine) must know that both Nato and UN forces would be compelled to intervene. The Ukraine, after all belongs to both organizations. I trust that he has his own reasons for not asking for help riding his country of these Russian trained and Russian Equipped insurgents.

I am not a fan of force nor do I advocate open warfare.  Perhaps there are viable alternatives that nations such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Germany could employ.  While Canada and USA had introduced watered down economic sanctions against Russia earlier this year, I suspect that although those sanctions might have made life a little less “pleasant” in Russian, that they were not a sufficient deterrent to prevent the flow of Russian arms to Hamas and to the Russian rebels in East Ukraine.

The complete seizure of all Russian (and Russian corporate assets) presently in  United States of America, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Germany would go a long way to compensate the families of NH17 as well as the pathetic victims in Gaza who have been used as human shields by Hamas.

It similarly makes little/no sense to permit the Russian rogue state the dignity of operating embassies in the above named countries.  Embassies exist, after all for the purpose of dialogue. Such dialogue has no place in the Kremlin.

Similarly, we have large numbers of Russian citizens residing in each of the above named countries.  These individuals have never seen fit to become citizens in western countries such as United States of America, Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Germany and their loyalties are therefore self evident.  These people are best described as enemy non-combatants and represent intelligence risks to their host countries. Simply deporting them back to Russia would send a message to Putin and his government.

There are also a large number of Russian citizens who are working in North America. It makes such little sense to by feeding Putin’s regime by way of such things as National Hockey League incomes.

Food for thought? I hope so and hope that freedom and peace loving governments thorough the community of nations repel (as unfit) those possessing passports from Putin’s rouge regime.

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