What If Tim Hudak had Revealed This?

[ Liberals about to unleash a more deadly plan than even Hudak ]

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The results are in and one of the most corrupt governments somehow managed to manipulate voters.  They used fear to convince voters to trust them or else Tim Hudak would reduce the Ontario civil service payroll by about 100,000 over the ensuing three years.


Folks are beginning to see and understand that Moody’s and Dominion Bond have reassessed the Ontario government’s credit worthiness.  Ontario carries over 12 billion dollars in debt. That debt is covered by bonds.  When those bonds expire, the cost of servicing (interest to be paid each day by Ontario taxpayers) will increase because the bond rating agencies fee that Ontario is becoming less capable of making its debt repayments.  The folks that hold those bonds are international and widespread.

Those lenders have genuine and quite justifiable concerns – so should you.

When the various teachers’ unions decided to take up the cause of the Liberal Party of Ontario in the past election, they lied to the voters.  They scared the population into thinking that Tim Hudak and a freshly elected Progressive Conservative government in Ontario would begin frenzy like cuts to front-line services.

It is insanely unfortunate that Hudak was never able to provide fulsome explanations as to how attrition would have played a huge part in those reductions.

Premier Kathleen Wynne, on the other made it seem that her party (the Liberals) were a noble protector of civil service jobs and essential services. Information that we have just received reveals that to be a “bare-faced-lie”.

Information though various civil service union sources reveals an ugly details.  Those job losses that Wynne proclaimed would NEVER happen were secretly at work and in final preparation (by the Liberals) just before the Ontario election was called.

Here is the explanation.  Effective June 2017, all Ontario civil servants will be required to pay one half of the monthly cost of their fringe benefit plans.  And those plans (by comparison to private sector plans) are extremely generous and costly.

But there is an escape exit plan by which any civil servant choosing to voluntarily retire before June 2017 will be able to maintain full (taxpayer paid) fringe benefit plans at zero cost to them until their eventual deaths.  Thus, several hundred thousand long serving civil servants are expected to take early pensions at slightly reduced monthly pension rates so as to maintain these lucrative fringe benefit plans.

I also ask those teachers who preached about maintaining student teacher ratios etc to explain why they would now not stay on the job and assure that class student to teacher ratios are no longer as important to them as their fringe benefit plans.

The fact that Wynne withheld this information from the voters is shameful.  While operating a full scale fear campaign against Hudak’s Pc’s, she was secretly planning even larger civil service staff reductions than any envisioned by Hudak.

What now? Not much choice after giving the Liberals a majority.


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