Teachers’ Unions Back Wynne and then Jump at Their Entitlements

[ How to play dirty and WYNNE an election]


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This one boggles the imagination relating to conspiracies and stretches credulity past the breaking point.  It was hidden away in the Liberal closet during the recent election as Liberal leader Wynne fervently attacked PC leader Tim Hudak’s scheme to reduce bloated civil service payrolls by 100,000 jobs over the next four years.  It turns out the Wynne had her own “secret” scheme to rid the province of several hundreds of thousands of civil service almost immediately.  There is, however a VERY sweet payoff from Wynne to the various civil service unions. 

Those self righteous words from Wynne about maintaining service levels in her nasty attacks on Hudak’s scheme now resonate with (more than a bit of) hypocrisy.


Get a load of this; effective January 01, 2017 the Wynne/Soussa Liberals are rolling out a new scheme relating to Ontario civil service fringe benefits. Those civil servants retiring after January 01, 2017 will be required to pay one half of their total fringe benefit costs for the duration of their retirements.  


Civil Servants in Ontario amass one of the most costly fringe benefit schemes of any sector in Ontario.  Those benefits are very expensive and the civil servants will quickly figure out the even at only 50% self-subscription, this will be a significant monthly payout for them.  How much in total can civil servants “screw” the taxpayer for under this scheme?  Government Services Minister John Milloy smugly suggests that this dumb plan will have the potential to save the taxpayers over $1.2 Billion during the next four years.  Unless,,,,, ooops the unthinkable a=happens.


However (!!!!) there is a “back-door” to this announcement.  By retiring on (or before) December 31, 2016, the tax payers will continue to pick up the ENTIRE (100%) cost of the retiree’s fringe benefit cost for the full duration of his/her retirement.  The Liberal government scheme provides a secondary (and larger) incentive to retire early.  The current pension plan is available to any civil servant who has been employed for 10 years. The new scheme would require employees retiring AFTER January 01, 2017 to have amassed 20 years of service prior retiring. 


This is an interesting situation.  I wonder how many of these same civil service union members that rallied about the 100,000 reduction scheme and made such self-righteous defenses of the “public good” will now give (even) a second thought about retiring early so as to maintain their FULL ENTITLEMENT.  How much will those (self-serving) defenses of school class sizes and front line health care effect the decisions of these civil servants nearing retirement age???  It seems that the option is almost too simple for civil servants holding 10 years service credits and nearing retirement age.  Use it or lose it is the option and I am willing to wager that not too many civil servants in that position will have a second thought about class sizes, quality of education and quality of health care.


Wow, if this had been disclosed during the election, it would have been a “game changer”. All of this makes Hudak’s scheme look a whole lot more reasonable than this sweetheart deal between the Liberals and the civil service unions.  Is the word, “hypocrite” appropriate???






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