Two Dead In Toronto This Weekend – Recreational Drugs

[ How many lives must be wasted before this is stopped?]


Keep It Illegal
Keep It Illegal



The recent CBC news is that 15 were hospitalized and two died as a result of recreational drug use at a weekend music event.  It would not impact people such as me very much.  I do not listen to RAP or Hip-Hop and my drug use is entirely RX and carefully monitored.

That news story is in stark contrast to the “all out” frontal assault being mounted by a very noisy minority of citizens.  I have long suspected that the cash behind this recent push to legalize marijuana is being derived from some very bad people: bike gags and organized crime gangs. We do not get exposed to the sordid group of backers because they easily manage to finance a few “ordinary” folks to shill their marketing scheme. 

A recent conversation/interview that I had with one devout pot user who presently gets his “fix” of “medicinal marijuana/hashish “ laid open the truth about the “medicinal” aspect of the illegal drug p=market as well. He confided in me that there is one very popular Toronto MD who, for a flat fee of $200 will fill out the necessary forms to enable “ANYONE” to buy cannabis from a “Compassion Center”.  He informed me of two startling facts; (1) most of the clientele at “said” compassion center shared this same doctor’s endorsements and (2) that the drug addict regularly drove his car after consuming his “medicinal fix”. 

That second part (about driving) begged a second question. His response was that his “drug club” (AKA Compassion Center) was advising that the police lacked the road-side testing gear to provide objective evidence to obtain convictions in court and that the “Center” and the lawyers it retained was in the process of developing solid ways to argue the case in court. 

Facts speak for themselves. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)  has (for years) been diligent in helping to make our highways and roads safe by keeping impaired drivers out from behind the driver’s wheel.   MADD has already mounted the fight against drug impaired drivers.  Fact #2: cannabis (and its main psychotropic component, tetrahydrocannabinol) is a hallucinogen.  It has been recognized as a hallucinogen by the American Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association.  Fact #3: there is objective evidence of the dangerous conditions that occur when marijuana users get behind the wheel of a car.  A recent case in Mississauga, Ontario revealed that a drug addict (on marijuana) was nabbed by the Ontario Provincial Police on Highway 401 on a recent Saturday morning while driving his car at speeds in excess of 200 KPH!  When the police finally stopped this impaired driver, the police report (a) that the car reeked of marijuana and (b) there was an additional partly used “bag” of more marijuana located on the passenger seat beside him. That impairment had him racing his car on a Saturday morning at about 10:00 (AM) when “normal” folks were headed out to take their children to activities and sharing the road with this person.

Look, the dope cartel attempt to deflect these argument s by telling you that marijuana is “no more dangerous” than alcohol.  Anyone with half a brain knows better.  Taxpayers have already invested millions into equipping the police with testing gear so as to obtain almost certain convictions of drunk drivers.  Exactly who will forego the astronomical financial burden of outfitting our police with testing gear to combat dope impaired drivers?

I could suggest that a quick solution would be to say, “Yes, it’s okay for you to consume “medicinal marijuana” but you must first hand in your driver’s license.”

It is ironic and a bit twisted that we live in a society that bans peanut butter in schools but is even willing to contemplate legalizing marijuana.

I have written about marijuana in the past and note that, by and large the majority of folks hold or share opinions similar to what you have just read. There are (sadly) another smaller but louder gang of advocates. Without stereotyping them, they resort to insulting and often bullying tactics once they have discovered an enemy of marijuana (and I am definitely an enemy of the drug marijuana).  It is almost laughable to read some of responses I have received. To attempt to compare the corporate pharmaceutical industry to Hell’s Angels or the “mob” tells me that the individuals concocting such arguments are ample proof that marijuana is a very dangerous drug.

A latent problem with marijuana (either street or medicinal) is that other much more addictive drugs such as the ones that took tow lives in Toronto this weekend are quite often infused in the pot being sold.  The RX drugs produced by big pharma are the result of (a) gigantic quality control processes; (b) exhaustive batch testing and restrictive prescriptions from doctors that limit the dosage obtained from a pharmacy. 

I expect that the pro-legalization of marijuana lobby will be ramping up its marketing campaign early in the New Year as they have apparently infiltrated one former large national political party (the Liberals) into advocating legalization for them.

Let’s hope that most folks will say NO to marijuana and say NO to Justin Trudeau.

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