What a Perverse View of Democracy

[Linda Jeffrey’s view of Democracy at Odds with Canadian Values]

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I am unsure what Canada has done to create the myth in Linda Jeffrey’s mixed up brain that Canadians accept her mixed up logic that elected power is absolute power – it is not.

It is unfortunate that Jeffrey’s Liberal caucus scandal colleagues in Queen’s Park escaped the verdict this time only because of less than clear vision by Hudak.

Jeffrey sat at the Liberal Caucus table while scandalous decisions were made concerning Ehealth; Ornge Helicopters; and Gas Powered Electricity plants.  The record also showed that she intentionally mislead the legislature in response to a direct question to her concerning her personal knowledge of the decision to cancel the “gas plants” in order to save the seats of three of her Liberal Caucus Colleagues. Subsequently released OPP documents were needed to unearth that deception.

Jeffrey was not “just” a caucus member of the McGuinty/Wynne regimes.  In fact she was a full cabinet Member. As a Minister of the Legislature, she lived in the lap of luxury even being driven to and from work each day in her tax-payer supplied limousine. No public transit for this “princess”.

Her record on Brampton and service to her constituents was ABYSMAL!!!! When residents attempted to protest plans by developers to erect monstrous high-rises that would choke off access to key recreational frontage at one of the city’s lakes; what did Jeffrey do?  She refused to listen to the complaints, barricaded herself in her taxpayer funded offices and called in the police to keep folks from speaking their minds.

When attempts were made to seek audience with the Premier to bring those concerns forward, sources at Queen’s Park have alleged that she attempted to thwart that dialogue as well.

As an elected politician representing Canada’s 9th largest community, she lied to her constituents too many times to recount. She said there would be no P3 Hospital in Ontario and then voted in favor of Brampton Civic (A full scale P3 hospital).  She paid nominal lip service to demands to expand highway 410 to alleviate grid lock.  Worst of all after promising a second full scale hospital for Brampton, she was duplicit in ripping down Peel Memorial Hospital and attempting to replace it with a Walk-In Clinic.

Frankly, Jeffrey’s views of democracy indicate a failure to grasp the fundamentals of the basic principles of the entire democratic process in her adopted land: Canada.  She relies on the opinions of a Local Health Board as some sort of public approval.  She and her colleagues appointed that LHIN and not appointed Board can claim even an iota of democracy – it is cronyism at it worst.

Here are Jeffrey’s own words as to the need to listen to voters, “It’s unfortunate that residents may once again be drawn into a “pointless debate” about why Brampton is required to provide a percentage of the funding. Municipal contributions to hospitals are the norm these days — not the exception,” said Brampton Springdale MPP Linda Jeffrey in letter to The Guardian.  That’s right, your complaints are pointless folks.


Is this the type of person that we want as a Mayor??? I say, no thank you.


One thought on “What a Perverse View of Democracy”

  1. As the saying goes “3 strikes your out”
    410 Highway extension, failed strike 1
    closed hospital, failed strike 2
    no help Heartlake Highrises, failed strike 3
    gas plants strike 4, ehealth strike 5, ornge strike 6, P3 hospital strike 7 shes at strike 7. I say Game over and best of all she is a QUITTER QUITTER QUITTER. thought Liberals were done so she bailed. Jeffrey you can’t even predict right. Time to retire. You must have a great taxpaid pension coming to you or do you still want to live off of us taxpayers.

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