Winning the Battle

[Star’s Campaign is Failing Badly]

no star paying for paper

When the final chapters eventually are written in Brampton, history will not be kind to the Toronto Star.  For almost three years the Star and one writer from that tabloid have waged a tiring campaign to undermine credibility of Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell.

The object of those stories does seem to be entirely consistent with the stated purpose of a tiny group of local small businessmen who had stated that their aim was to “get people upset”.    It worked briefly too.

A few weeks ago according a survey prepared for the Toronto Star, two out of three Brampton residents were convinced that Mayor Fennell was guilty of wrong doing.  Today, that same polling agency released a new set of statistics showing exactly how the tide of public opinion had shifted in favor of the long-embattled mayor.

Today’s results show growing numbers of Bramptonians are satisfied with Fennell’s attitude and behavior. No thanks to tireless mudslinging conducted by the Star, people are tiring of the campaign and the apparent vendetta behind it.  The Star’s readership continues to dwindle and it also becomes more apparent that IF Bramptonians are expressing themselves about being cheated- it is clear that they are unhappy to see a media source (like the Star/Guardian) operating as a monopoly in Canada’s ninth largest city.

Over the past two weeks, I have conducted my own “poll” wherein I have spoken (face to face) with over 2,000 local residents. They were kind enough to share their thoughts on three questions:

When asked if they believed that Mayor Fennell was credible, 1,853 responded in the affirmative.  When asked if they suspected that the Star/Guardian had conducted its reporting in an unbiased manner, only 25 responded that they supported the Star/Guardian’s point of view.  They respondents were asked if they felt that Brampton deserved an independent alternative to the Star/Guardian and overwhelmingly supported the need for a new and alternative newspaper here in Brampton.

The above results are admittedly no more scientific than the polls conducted by the Star/Guardian but hopefully the hunger for unbiased reporting will not go unnoticed by potential investors in a real newspaper in Brampton. That day is fast approaching and we can thank the Toronto Star/Brampton Guardian for bringing us to the conclusion that when media becomes part of the story instead of merely reporting the story, credibility fails every time.

For our part, via the Social Media, it is becoming increasingly clear that more and more folks are tuning in to the social media as a viable alternative to the biased bleating of the TorStar chain.

Well done Brampton!


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