Time to Put on the Big Boy Pants and Lose the Emotions

[Allowing Anger to Sway Good Judgement is Never Wise]

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One of the first authors I came across as a young man was Samuel Langhorne Clemens.  His “pen name” was Mark Twain and I absolutely loved his novels: Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

But, old Mark Twain did come up with a few axioms about life that have stayed with me even now into old age.

Two of them are most appropriate as the days quickly flip by until we face a municipal election here in Brampton, Ontario.  Brampton, in so many ways struggles with self identity. It is either still a small town, with small town mentality pretending to be a whole lot more cosmopolitan than it is. Or, perhaps it is a big town struggling to maintain that unique small town feeling.  Nowhere was it more evident than the recent attempt by the Ontario Liberals’ attempt to push Light Rail transit through Brampton’s quaint downtown district.  The divisions became apparent and (for now) that silly project has been “side tracked”.

When I did not know better, I had some pretty deep roots inside the “Big Red Machine” and still know a fair bit about its inner workings.  The push to build the LRT from Mississauga into Brampton had very little to do with improving grid lock.  Such a project would result in the tax payers (us ~ you and I) spending $1.6 BILLION.  That’s not much when you say it fast, is it?

That $1.6 BILLION would be spent on a gigantic construction project handed over to firms that are well connected with Kathleen Wynne’s dirty little regime. Moreover, millions of dollars  in contract for rolling stock (buses and transit vehicles) would flow into the hands of favorite “Grit” suppliers.  Running slick elections and convincing folks to forget about stinky wind-turbine deal; EHealth; Orng Helicopter and gas fired electricity plant scandals.  That, my friends is the legacy of the Liberal party and is precisely why I disassociated myself from those clowns.

What are those axioms from Mark Twain that I keep always with me? “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often.”  And “Common sense is very uncommon.”

I have grave doubts that even one cent of money being discussed in this “scandal” went into the pocket of Susan Fennell. I also have huge suspicion that the real scandal is the fact that we have been screwed out of a hospital;  are drinking and ingesting fluoride in our tap water and are being told bi-weekly garbage pickups will be a good thing (good, perhaps for the rats).

I look at the good side of Fennell’s term in office by way of cranes in the air along the skyline.  That Canon complex at Mississauga/Steeles Avenue did not just materialize there.  Attracting such large scale employment situations is highly competitive…. Perhaps those Japanese language lessons paid off… Canon is, after all a huge Japanese corporation.

Similarly, those now employed at the Coca Cola bottling plant and at the Air Canada Corporate offices would not trade any of those jobs for Liberal boondoggles.  I am amazed that Brampton (Fennell) drew those employers to town amid a deep, wide-spread international recession. Go figure!

Let’s not be rash. Let’s set aside visceral reaction.  To err is human and to forgive is divine.  Walk away from the lynch mob frenzy and think before tossing the baby out with the bath water.


One thought on “Time to Put on the Big Boy Pants and Lose the Emotions”

  1. Well said, Lloyd. I’d rather the money be spent on something we really need, like a second fully functioning hospital instead of a glorified walk in clinic which is what we are getting. The Züm bus can go all the way to Mississauga and we really need full day GO into Toronto. We need more jobs, good paying jobs, in Brampton. And better transit across the City.

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