“Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.” 

[ Star’s story teller learns a bit about bear hunting]

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Those of us who have been following events in Brampton Ontario can report two huge storms that occurred yesterday.  Around suppertime a huge rain storm passed through town.  It was a doosie.


But it was minor compared to the storm that occurred at a press conference called by Brampton mayor Susan Fennell at 12:45 yesterday afternoon.  This was no minor cloud burster.  This one felt much more like an earthquake.

It goes to prove that the Toronto Star and its “writer” San Grewal should have learned a huge lesson yesterday about essential elements of reporting. He went hunting for bear and relished in self promoting his “unusual” form of reporting and……yesterday; the bear got him and got him good!

Those following the unrelenting stream of erroneous and exaggerated comments long marveled at how long Mayor Fennell would tolerate shabby reporting, innuendos and slander being served up almost daily by San Grewal. Shame too on the editorial board of the Toronto Star who backed up “their boy” and paid little or no heed to the repeated attempts by Fennell.  Most of us were left wondering how long Grewal could take advantage of the good nature of Brampton’s Mayor. We had long since stopped buying the Star or permitting it into our homes. It (the paper) had lost its relevance at descended into the realm of yellow journalism reminiscent of the New York City media wars way back in the 1890s.

Even as Fennell worked her way through the carefully crafted text of her media statement, Grewal hovered around the perimeter much like a dog would hang around the front of an old fashioned butcher shop looking for a bone.

Even as the Mayor was speaking, Grewal busied himself with a dazzling display of thumb-typing on his Toronto-Star supplied ‘Berry.  And, in the process he supplied even more evidence of his bias and lack of journalistic training. A couple examples?? In the City Hall printed agenda, listed an amount attributed to Fennell’s expense account over a period of 7 (SEVEN) years totaling, slightly more than $34,000.    In typical Grewal fashion, he managed to repeat (once again) an amount that he rightly knows is wrong.  His version of what he was handed in the form of an official agenda did not happen to agree with Grewal’s take on “life”. Grewal once again was writing about his favorite mythical numbers: “266 times totalling $172,000 “(sp)


The atrium at Brampton City Hall was “jam-packed. My estimate would peg the crowd at upwards of 300 people.  That, in and of itself came as no surprise since Grewal had been luring folks into attending so that they could witness the end of Fennell, watch Grewal gloat and have him thinking about a spot on his mantel for is (almost predictable) Pulitzer prize for journalism (teeheeehee). When Fennell made it known that she had run out of patience with Grewal, the Star and some council colleagues, had retained well known lawyer, David Shiller and also about to lambaste Deloitte for inaccuracy, the newly appointed Integrity Commissioner and a few of her council mates, Grewal skulked to front entrance and was was observed making frantic calls.  That afternoon of anticipated basking in the glow of his own success has left him as a shocked co-owner of a civil action.  His own “journalistic” work will likely form major part of the plaintiff’s (Fennell’s) evidence against Grewal and the Star.

  As the afternoon progressed, we found Fennell had drawn a huge audience.  Visitors’ gallery in council chambers was standing room only and city hall staff had set up rows of folding chairs in the atrium where the press conference had just been held. To entire council meeting was live-streamed to another huge audience in the atrium.

Grewal, most assuredly is a stubborn individual and seems to operate under the notion that he can force his point of view down the throats of intelligent folks by simply repeating himself – ad nausea.  At one point in the meeting, after discussions and ruling had been made concerning the fact that, gien the fact that less than 75% of the last elected council would be attempting to serve again, the Municipal Act defines the remnants as a “Lame Duck” Council with a very limited range of authority.  Obviously, those who crafted the “Act” did not want any out-going council in any jurisdiction left with power to torpedo the newly elected council.  Thus, the term: “Lame Duck”.

When Council member John Sprovieri attempt to deride Fennell during the council meeting by casting her as some sort of bully, the entire audience began making a quacking sound imitating a “duck”.. Sprovieri who has always had an anger management issue, turned his anger at the audience who responded with a chorus of , “shame, shame, shame”.  In Grewal’s version of the events, he insinuated that the chorus of “shame, shame shame” was aimed at Fennell and deliberately omitted the exchange between Sprovieri and the residents in the audience.

I am very much looking forward to the court actions instigated against Grewal.  Fennel specifically said that a “reporter” with the Star would be among the targets named in her civil actions. Many of us know that full/entire and complete background of Grewal’s vendetta. Those details span back almost ten years, having nothing (at all) to do with spending scandals and will be a huge “black-eye” to the Toronto Star once they become part of the evidence in the court case.

I suspect that the Star will be much less “smug” and (maybe) even a bit embarrassed once “factum Grewal” finds its way into the public domain.

It did not turn out to be a very good day for bear hunting yesterday for Grewal, the Star, Deloitte etc. At last report, the bear is anxiously waiting a yummy meal of bear-hunter soup.


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