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[You think you have scandal now?  Just wait!]

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She is Hoping Jeffrey become mayor

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One of the funniest quotes to come out of the municipal election campaign in Brampton, Ontario left me aghast.

Linda Jeffrey, who spent 11 years hunkered down with the other clowns in the corrupt Liberal cabinet of Dalton McGuinty and present leader, Kathleen Wynne caused me to spit out my morning coffee upon reading the drivel she is spewing.  At a recent debate this clown said, “I just want to dispel this notion that I didn’t do anything for the last 10 years,”  

I should say SHE is absolutely correct. SHE certainly did not do anything. This little political double-talker, by way of her participation in corruption could teach a graduate course on public rip-offs.  Her own dowdy record serving in any number of cabinet positions over a lackluster period at the public trough is a longer rap-sheet than this “porker” wants to have the public see.

Us folks in Canada are well known for our manners and our willingness to forgive.  Jeffrey and her Liberal pals racked up a record of corruption and scandal that would make the average Mafia-boss blush.

Brampton, in the midst of a protracted and ugly public blood-letting over an airline ticket and a limo bill of present Mayor Fennell would be VERY wise to check the “best-before date” of Linda Jeffrey!  You think you have an issue with an airline ticket?  Jeffrey can trump that in “spades”.

Jeffrey’s preferred mode of air travel (while in the legislature) has long been using a private jet.

You think that there is an issue with a contracted limo service not producing daily trip reports for the Brampton mayor’s local travel?  Heck, with Jeffrey it is a whole lot easier to see her flair for limo travel (all at the public’s expense).  Like all McGuinty cabinet flunkies, Jeffrey was picked up by a chauffeur in a private limo and driven to work at Queen’s Park EACH DAY.  Makes you feel pretty good driving your ten-year old car into the gas station on the way to your job; doesn’t it?

Jeffrey and her Cabinet colleagues needed such public indulgence.  After all, they were busy endorsing wind-turbine contracts to a favored supplier; letting large scale consulting contracts to party insiders in an ill-fated E-Health scam that resulted in another 10 BILLION of waste; facilitating exotic life-style for their hand-picked ORNG MediVac  pals and (let’s give credit where it’s due) blowing another 20 BILLION in cancelled gas-powered electrical generating plants.

Honest??? Oh yeah, she (Jeffrey) will tell you that she is as honest as the day is long!  Heck, when questioned once in the Legislature while serving as chief-mouth piece for McGuinty, Madam Jeffrey set a new standard for parliamentary bull-pooping into a microphone.  Early on, during the “gas plant” scandal she was asked in Question Period if she had knowledge about the “gas plant” scandal.  Jeffrey, like the mischievous leprechaun of her Irish birth-place shone that day.  She looked straight into the publics’ eye and swore innocence.  In that case, she did not know that her ‘fib” had already unraveled.  It was revealed that the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) had already spent days scouring “secret” cabinet documents that revealed that Jeffrey (and each of the other 20 Cabinet “hacks” had been fully briefed on the pending scandal AND were fully complicitJeffrey had apparently spent more than a passing moment kissing the Blarney Stone before heading off to the “colonies” (Canada) where she quickly hunkered down at the public trough. She had literally found her own pot of gold. Jeffrey has yet to hold a real job throughout her time in Canada.

Those of us who have watched  Jeffery and followed her personal failings in the Ontario Legislature will tell you that her achievements are precious few and that this lady was shuffled from one cabinet position to another not because she was a star. She was constantly moved because she had a penchant for “messing up”.  Those on the “inside” freely admit that Jeffrey hung on in Cabinet not because of her stellar record but because there was a need (for appearances only) to have a set number of Ministers from the “905” regions of Ontario.

If you think that “wind turbines” and “gas plants” were “seedy”; wait until the Liberal plan for Light rail Transit (LRT) blows up into scandal. It took a whole lot of campaign financing to get Kathleen Wynne and her corrupt colleagues reelected in 2014. There are now favors outstanding. There are $1.6 BILLION construction contracts to be handed out. There are tens of billions more in contracts for rolling stock (tram cars and buses) waiting to be let to “deserving” friends of the Wynne-led Grits.  Hand-picked party insiders are already in place at MetroLinx (the Liberal agency established to spear head Ontario’s transit scheme).  All that remains is to see to it that Liberal Mayors get elected in Brampton and Mississauga (Mahoney and Jeffrey).

“I will tell you one thing, I am the only candidate at this table that has a good relationship with Queen’s Park,” Jeffrey said.

Amen to that!  Indeed, she certainly does.


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