Fennell comes out Squeaky Clean.

[  Grewal ends up looking like a biased fool]


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Saying “I told you so” is often a  hollow victory

For months I have cautioned about jumping to conclusions on the “affair-Brampton” that has been two things: a money-making/paper selling proposition to the Toronto Star and also a black eye for all of us in Brampton.

I have long cautioned that the Toronto Star’s sometimes writer, San Grewal is a number of things (that I shall keep to myself) BUT he is certainly neither an auditor nor an unbiased reporter of accurate fact.

The facts were these: Mayor Fennell consented to undergo a full review of her on-the-job spending for the past 8 year period while, the remainder of her council colleagues submitted to a lesser review for a four year period.

Fact Number 2: The term “Forensic Audit” is a misnomer for the work done by Deloitte. Forensic normally implies an audit for an ILLGEAL action such as fraud. A forensic audit normally leads to criminal court actions where such an audit would form evidence. The Star “writer (????” consistently added to that misuse of the work by Deloitte by casting wider innuendo involving his wish that “punishment be inflicted”.  I cautioned MANY times about relying on Grewal’s biased point of view or essentially conducting the hanging in the morning and then a trial after lunch.

Fact Number 3: Grewal’s boring mantra has been a constant rant about 266 “known” violations of public trust by Fennell and allegeto have  amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. An independent lawyer today ruled that twice (only 2 times) during a period of over seven years, had Fennell erred. It was found that during that period, she had broken the rules for amounts totally around $3,500.  Grewal was wrong and it has now been established that his employer (the Toronto Star) has been equally culpable by putting such incorrect allegations into print.

Fact Number 4: According to information published by Fennell, the Toronto Star (et al) is now the subject civil suit.  Today’s decisions from Janet Leiper (LL.B.; LL.M, C.S) would be given MUCH more weight as FORENSIC evidence than Grewal’s musings or Deloitte’s audit.  Ms. Leiper is a Master of Laws.  World famous Toronto Lawyer,   Clayton Ruby, the Toronto lawyer had this to say about Ms. Leiper, ““Leiper is a saint. She endures incredible abuse from a handful of councilors and others, but largely, I think she’s held in huge respect by council and the profession. She’s doing a public service for everyone, and doing it superbly.”  Mr. Ruby’s comments were made in Michael McKiernan’s article in Canadian Lawyer (magazine) on March 4, 2013. Mr. Ruby was acting for tax lobbyist/Toronto voter,  Paul Magder.

One well known Toronto “talking head” (DJ) has nicknamed Leiper as the “watchfox” and having read some of her reports, the term “fox” is very much appropriate.

It was disgusting to see now disgraced Star reporter Grewal struggling to grasp at the two small remaining straws left after Leiper finished debunking the Star’s many and oft repeated allegations and Deloitte’s report which seem to be much less “forensic (court worthy) than San Grewal would wish. 

Given the constant diatribe from Grewal over a period in excess of three years, it is almost a guarantee that any Superior Court Judge will conclude that Grewal and the Star have (a) maliciously harmed the character and reputation of Mayor Fennell; (b) have made statements (repeatedly) that now are determined to be without factual base; and additionally (c) have cost Brampton taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by way of spurious allegations. I suspect that, given the harm inflicted and the fact that the erroneous comments and allegations have been so persistent, that the Courts would have no problem adding “punitive” damages and costs to Fennell.

People like Grewal are quite easy to find in the media. They float into brief popularity based on gossip and sensationalism and then just as quickly end up in obscurity once the truth becomes known.

On the other hand, folks like Fennell are a scarce commodity. Rarely does one find a sharper mind in the public sector…especially one who puts heart and soul into moving her home town forward.

It would take a perverse and twisted mind to recommend tossing Fennell and replacing her with one candidate who has been described as a fumbling bumpkin or another (Jeffrey) who has MANY times been implicated in MAJOR Liberal scandals in Queen’s Park.

Look wisely to your ballots, fellow Brampton residents.



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