A Lesson in Liberal Thuggery

[This is the dirty underside to Liberals in Power]

Families opposed to the erection of large-scale wind farms near their homes failed to prove the projects would cause any serious harm to their health, an Ontario government lawyer said Tuesday

I remember the first time that I saw a Diamond Back Rattle Snake along a trail.  It looked so beautiful that I wanted to get even closer to it to get a good look at its wonderful looking colours.  Luckily, someone (older and wiser) warned me.  His warning stopped me in my tracks.

The Liberal party (both provincial and federal) are a whole lot like that deadly snake – pretty to look at but FAR from benevolent.  In fact: very toxic.   For much of my life, I not only supported the Liberals but took a very active role in the business side of the “party”.  When I use words such as toxic, they are an understatement of the party’s philosophy.  On the surface, be charming and alluring sufficient to attain power and then evoke a torrent of the cruelest form of political thuggery imaginable.  Wanton waste and willful abuse of trust is pretty much the party mantra.

Whereas the frank assessment of social economic problems as is done by the Conservatives reflects harsh reality, the Liberal brand is to divert one’s attention to more pleasant thought all the while warning voters that the Conservatives’ approach is too harsh while the NDP are buffoons.  Trust me. As a former insider, I can attest to the fact that the Liberals are far from benign and at times could teach buffoonery with the best.  To do as the Liberals say is often the equivalent of being tested for cancer  at an early stage and then simply turning your back on a skilled doctor (who may save your life) and turning to the tambourines of a travelling medicine show.

It gets worse after these Liberals attain your trust by way of an election and those in the know tend to regret the trust given to the Liberals. When confronted, the Liberals can become world class thugs unleashing it captive/in house media toy (a certain national paper) in attempts to educate that white is black and black is white. When that fails, the second round of Liberal stratagem involves unleashing quasi-judicial tribunals to intercede and advance the Party’s caucus position.  The tribunals are far from representative. They are not elected.  They are far from impartial.  They are entirely made up of hand-picked party loyalists.

Witness the case of four Aboriginal families along Lake Huron who have been single-handedly attempting halt several large scale wind turbine projects on native land based on Health Canada’s warnings about adverse human and animal health effects caused by RF and constant noise from these monstrosities.

Even the Liberal party’s favorite media “toy” (the Toronto Star) recognized the  wind turbine scandal (Robert Benzie Rob Ferguson Queen’s Park Bureau, Published on Thu Jan 21 2010; “Tories seek probe into $7B green energy deal”) and that was long before medical professional began weighing  in on the adverse health effects caused by the wind turbines.

You guessed it. The handpicked tribunal established by the Liberals to ward off public scrutiny (in this case, Environment Review Tribunal) sided with the Liberals and told the four families that they had no case.  Thus, one would have assumed that the Liberal’s 9 Billion dollar wind farm fiasco was on safe ground and at least the portion along Lake Huron could proceed despite the fact that it was obvious that “consultation” had received yet another black eye from the Liberals.

Surprise.  The families persisted and took the appeal to Divisional Court for relief. Time will tell whether the Division Court judge will succumb to Liberal thuggery or rule based on valid findings form Health Canada.

There is a real lesson in all of this.  Don’t pick up Diamond Back Rattle snakes no matter how pretty they appear.  As the four families involved in this rancorous dispute with Premier “Kathleen” are learning: paint remover is very costly. It may have been far more efficient to simply not have placed an “x” near the name of any Liberal candidate in any election.

Heads up folks.


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