Ontario Liberals in “deep doo-doo Again”

[Most scandal prone government in Canada’s History Still under investigation]

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Liberal Leader (and current Premier of Ontario ) Kathleen Wynne and her party are back under Ontario Provincial Police scrutiny again.  In the words of Yogi Berra, “it’s déjà vu all over again”. 

It’s a story that just will not go away as badly as Madam is wished it would.  When last we heard, the Liberals had tossed one of their own under the bus.  You may remember that Liberal back-room boy, David Livingston emerged as the alleged sole operative that singlehandedly deleted incriminating email files.  Speculation still rages about the content of the “missing” files. 

Dalton McGuinty (AKA Premier “dad”) staunchly denied knowledge of financial implications of the “billion dollar” cancellation costs.  I raise a “Spockian Eyebrow” on hearing that one. 

In quick succession, McGuinty bailed out and was replaced by Wynne who valiantly attempted to distance herself from the McGuinty regime. Again, a Spockian eyebrow appears.  One must be careful with one’s words here but credulity does have limits. Kathleen Wynne, after all was Dalton McGuinty’s head caucus grunt.

Somehow, Wynne and the Liberal caucus ducked out of public scrutiny just in time “Wynne” another election putting the Liberals back into power as if nothing had happened. 

It is more than “a bit” perplexing that pro-Liberal media (AKA: the Toronto Star) expended untold resources by ramping up municipal scandals in Toronto (Rob Ford) and Brampton (Susan Fennell) while giving Wynne a free ride. In terms of dollars and cents, the goings on at Toronto City Hall and Brampton City Hall were little more than “chump change” compared to the billion dollar scandal surrounding the cancellation of two gas-powered electricity plants.

Now, word just out that the Ontario Provincial Police raided various government of Ontario offices on November 27th (2014).  The offices are located at 222 Jarvis Street and the object of their (OPP) interest again involves email messages.

One wonders what (exactly) is in these secret Liberal documents that warranted large scale erasure of hard drives earlier and now this new search for incriminating evidence.

Frankly, the tax payers deserve justice on this. The matter will not simply go away until such time as everyone is reasonable satisfied that it (the cancellations) was just an error in judgment.  Questions will always linger until full disclosure takes place. A large amount of tax payer money was squandered in all of this and among the questions is who benefitted in these cancellation fees.  Until such time as clear evidence is brought forward, there will likely be suspicion that those benefiting may not be completely disconnected from the Liberal Party.

A cheery thought; if there are caucus convictions and sentencing is greater than two years, would those found guilty serve their time in Federal or Provincial prisons. (not that we want to see innocent people punished ).


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