Preparing for The Long Night

[Equinox of Long Winter Night is Soon]

blue-moon WINTER STUFF 164


Like many, I am watching in awe as the days become shorter.  Winter came two days ago with a good amount of snow.  In one week, some of us will celebrate the “moon of small spirits”.

Today, I am headed out for a hike in the nearby wooded area in search of the tallest cedar tree available. As we age, we become less mobile. So I will scuffle along while trying to avoid a fall.  As I remove the branch from the tree I will remember to leave a small amount of tobacco in appreciation.

I will be searching out a prayer stick which I shall remove from the tallest cedar and bring it home.  I will be seeking a short but stout piece about as long as my own forearm.

I will follow the tradition by carving the bark and attaching a small turkey that I have saved for this event. The feather and a small red medicine bundle will be the “decorations” and I will be taking it outside again on the night of the new moon. The feather and the small bundle of medicine represent my prayers and wishes.

My prayers this year will be things that are for all mankind. I will ask Creator to open our hearts to the harms caused to Mother (Earth) and help us find a better way to do things without causing more harm.  I will also be asking Creator to help mankind understand that the poorest and weakest among us represent a failure by all mankind.

May the new equinox bring you peace to all and may our elected leaders commit themselves to fulfilling the intent of Treaties throughout Turtle Island.

Manidoo Gizisoons arrives on schedule on December 21. Those of us in urban settings would do well to find a spot away from street lights and building illuminations where we can meditate and greet her coming.



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