Gas Plant Scandals Resurfaced Today

[The Ontario Liberals Managed to Keep the Story out of the Headlines – Briefly]

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It is not going to go away.

We went through the theatrics of (then) Premier McGuinty resigning as leader of the Ontario Liberals and a (sort of) convention in which his right-hand (wo(man)) became the new leader. The Liberals managed to spray to room with room deodorant long enough to pull off a surprising reelection putting new leader Kathleen Wynne into office.

But the stench of the ONE BILLION DOLLAR “gas plant” is not likely to vanish. Former Premier McGuinty’s “Project Vapor” had been designed to mask the murky details of the “gas plant scandals” had only short term benefits for the scandal prone Liberals. The elephant in the room has reappeared – big time.

Yesterday, the Ontario Provincial Police(OPP)  confirmed that the Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) engaged the services of an outside firm to wipe out potentially incriminating emails pertaining to the Liberal caucus decision to cancel two gas powered electricity production facilities (in Oakville and Mississauga) at a net cost of over ONE BILLION dollars to the tax payers of Ontario.  According to OPP disclosure, the OLP spent $224,000 paying for services with the computer firm from June 2010 until March of this year (2014).

Of course all of the money expended by OLP in activities deemed by the OPP to be illegal ought to draw attention also form Revenue Canada. It is difficult to imagine that loyal financial donors to the OLP could tolerate the use of their donations for illegal activities. Frankly, the entire thing is likely to now also require some answers from OLP management.

Here is the link to the Huff Post story:

Valid social causes are hurting badly in Ontario due to limited funding from Queen’s Park. The squandering of $1.1 billion on this scandal could have been much better used in combating child poverty, homelessness or abject poverty in Aboriginal communities.

Here is also a useful link outlining the relationship between the two construction firms involved in the scandal and OLP (to whom numerous campaign donations had been made).

I accept that this link is form another political party(the Ontario Progressive Conservatives) and may (itself) be biased. However, it raises a number of valid questions that also deserve answers.  The attached link states that, “ CBC has learned that some companies which have been compensated by the Government to cancel construction of the gas plant in Mississauga are regular donors to the campaign coffers of the Liberal Party.”  (

I have no horse in this race but happen to deplore the waste of tax money and the ensuing attempts to cover things up. How do you feel about the Liberals now?






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