Elitist (not elected) Group Wants Fluoride

[Now is the Time to dismantle these appointed Boards]

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I have never pulled any punches on these two subjects: fluoride and elite/appointed Boards.

In March (2013) the Windsor (Ontario) local council voted to remove fluoride from drinking water in Windsor.  The decision also applied to drinking water in nearby Tecumseh and Lasalle.

Here is “proof positive” once again that local Health Boards comprised of appointed individuals have no place in a democracy.  We now read that The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is asking the province to make water fluoridation mandatory. This little cadre of elitists has decided that the decision by the elected town council is wrong and that they (an appointed clique) know better.

These elite boards (including police commissions and LHINs) have NO PLACE in a modern democratic society.  Large amounts of municipal tax money is being directed by these appointed elites and it is high time the folks paying the bills have a say in electing decision makers. 

Seven Hundred years ago (June 15, 1215) King John signed the Magna Carta at Runneymeade.  The intent of that proclamation was to relinquish powers similar to those enjoyed by elite cliques such as LHIN’s.  By 1837, in Canada growing frustration with such elites led to an uprising.  The Family Compact had held power over many of the levers of power by way of their appointments.

The Rebellions led to a formal report (Lord Durham’s Report on the Affairs in British North America) and gave birth to the British North America Act (1867).

These elites are dogged in their presumption of “enlightened entitlements” but clearly have no place in a nation where responsible government is the expectation.



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