LIEberal Thuggery In High Gear

[New majority Government in Operation . Ostrander Point]

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There were a few months of contrived cooperation in Ontario’s legislature as the ruling LIEberals were clinging to power and reeling from yet another in their long series of scandals.  At the time, even I was betting that the population of Ontario would show these cruds the door.

Then, the teachers’ union bailed them out and coerced the rank and file to back the LIEberals up again brining them back into office to play hell with economics and ethics.

In criminal law, it’s called recidivism.  That is, the propensity to repeat a wrong doing if a convicted person is released into the public again.  I am completely convinced that there is something (inherent) in the DNA of all LIEberal politicians that makes it impossible for them to possess ethics or own up to wrong doings.  Call it a neurological bent towards being psychopaths.

Civility, both in the Legislature and in the LIEberal day-to-day approach vanished immediately once they got their new mandate.

As many know, I have keep keeping a well documented account of LIEberal scandals.  In my list, I now have 14 major scandals spanning the period from July, 2007 until the present. In total the cost of these scandals flowed directly into the accumulated debt of the Province of Ontario. Not one cent of scandal money benefited the general population.

From that list, in January 2010 we can easily put a finger on the infamous $7 BILLION dollar Samsung wind turbine scandal.  It was a contrived deal that would have had Samsung (allegedly) create a state of the art wind turbine industry right here in Ontario.

The wheels fell off that one when environmentalists and then major medical folks began voicing valid concerns about the safety of those monstrosities. Apparently, there were concerns that the operation of the turbine was producing carcinogenic agents.  Net effect: Samsung suddenly had a hand in dictating Ontario consumer’s electricity costs for the next twenty years.

Folks in the area of Ostrander Point near Bellville are now witnessing (first hand) how the LIEberal government conducts business. The corporate entity involved in this dispute will absolutely get its way and force development on an environmentally sensitive parcel of land on the southern portion of a peninsula of land called Ostrander Point.

A bit of history comes into play here as well. This parcel of land is called “Crown Land” and was transferred from the Federal to the Provincial government in 1972. The land has great hereditary history to a number of First Nations Tribes: the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (MBQ;  Huron Wendat First Nation (HWFN); Alderville First; Nation, Curve Lake First Nation, Hiawatha First Nation, Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation and Kawartha Nishnawbe First Nation.

The particular parcel of land (by way of the Alderville FN and the Mississauga was never land contained in any treaty. Thus, the tribes, themselves had never relinquished ownership.  We all know that the Algonquin Land claim is not yet complete and it is heart wrenching to witness the high-handed approach that Wynne has taken on this matter. I note that Wynne is always “quick” to sneak the odd Anishanabe word such as “miigwetch” into her public persona but the woman has shown absolutely no cultural sensitivity when it comes to First nations or Aboriginal people.   We do not donate campaign funds to Wynne and her LIEberal colleagues but developers such as the players in this show down are much better off (financially).

Here is the approach permitted by Wynne.  As everyone knows, there is a legal requirement to “consult” with Aboriginal groups where there is potential effect on them or their traditional territories. That constitutional requirement (Section 35) has been reiterated many times by the Supreme Court of Canada.  The fact that, until the present time, there is need to seek intervention by the Supreme Court of Canada to define “consultation” is troubling.  Various tribes do not have the financial viability to pursue each infraction to Canada’s top court whereas the corporations not only have such financial resources but can use the expense of carrying out such a legal battle as a tax deductable expense. Thus, each and every Canadian taxpayer subsidizes the abuse.

I prefer a common-sense approach to most things.  There was no Supreme Court when any of the treaties were inflicted on First Nations tribes. Consultation is (and should be) what it is.  The requirement (stated in the Charter) is there to protect the rights of the tribes.  Consultation means much more than simply having a corporation disclose its plans for use of Aboriginal lands.

The Supreme Court has told us that consultation that excludes any form of accommodation from the outset is meaningless. (Mikisew Cree First Nation v. Canada (Minister of Canadian Heritage), [2005] S.C.J. No. 71 at para 54).

What has happened thus far on this dispute certainly does not “advance the reputation of the Crown” in its First Nations and Aboriginal disputes.

Three things have occurred that give rise to; large concerns about the integrity of the Wynne government (as agents of the “Crown”).

  • While the consultation was taking place, the developer proceed to clear away large tracts of land presuming that they would have a clear approval to proceed (see photo, below)
  • Anyone voicing concerns is being compelled to spend fortunes on legal help fighting this corporate giant through the courts.
  • One of the Tribes involved (the Mohawks of Quinte) voiced strong concerns about disruption of treaty granted hunting and harvest rights. The developer refuses until this day to make accommodation so that flora and fauna are left intact and that hunting rights would remain.


In addition to very strong objections to the lack of constitutional consultation, my concerns with this project are that large amounts of protected species (birds, fish and turtles) are put in harm’s way. Additionally, at a time when our friends in Europe are cautiously shutting down wind turbine electricity production, Ontario continues to inflict in on the people of Ontario.


Published by: lloydfournier

Lloyd is the founder of Thunderbird Rising (Thunderbird and the recent recipient of a Humanitarian Award, an author (novels) and a freelance writer. His drill down style of writing is a throw back to classic journalism - completely objective and well researched. His work presents the reader opportunity to rethink issues.

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