An Honest Picture of The Lieberal Mindset

[If you dislike frank comments, this may not be for you]

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Let’s begin with the dictionary definition of a psychopath.  The term first came into use in 1885 and the Oxford dictionary tells us that the word describes a person who “who is mentally ill, who does not care about other people”.

Ontario’s Liebreals (like their Federal cousins) are a “different” breed.  Having been around them extensively in the past, there is a sense of entitlement of power that borders on egotism.  They are driven to use any method handy to grab power and once into power are prone to abuse trust without giving a thought to the harm caused.  I can state frankly that in the Lieberal lexicon, friendship equates to circumstance and convenience.

The “leader” of the current Ontario Lieberal regime recently took part in a think tank in Ottawa.  The think tank was called, “Canada 2020” and at it, Premier Wynne provided her vision of Canada at 2020.  Wynne had been invited as key note speaker at the Ottawa luncheon event.

She received some direct questions from an (apparent) Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) member in her audience you pointed out the Lieberal handling of collective bargaining currently taking place between this large public sector union and the ruling Lieberals.  In those contract negotiations, the Lieberals are demanding huge concessions from injured workers in Ontario.

Not lost in his questions was yet another restatement of “fact”: the Wynne Lieberals are playing dirty with injured workers in Ontario.  Yet another  scandal is brewing at the Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB).  It is not a secret to Wynne and it comes as no surprise that almost instinctively, the knee-jerk Lieberal response is instantaneous denial. It seems that those of us living in Ontario are now (pretty much) accustomed to indignant denials. After all, we heard these and similar denials over gas powered electrical plants and at least 13 other scandals that have occurred while the Lieberals have been in office.

What is most compelling in the case of the Public Sector Unions and the ruling Lieberal regime hunkered down in the Legislature in Queen’s Park is just how much circumstances have to do with Lieberal loyalties.    It is only 8 months ago (June 12, 2014)when the Lieberals were on the brink of political defeat in Ontario that Wynne and the Lieberals hung onto power by implying that poll leader Hudak and his Progressive Conservatives were evil and anti-worker.  Only Wynne (a bastion  of moral correctness) could save the rank and file union members from the loss of 100,000 jobs.

Dare I use the word, turpitude?  My own firsthand knowledge of this term from the Lieberal lexicon has taught me that truth (in Lieberal parlance) is solely dependent on convenience as much as loyalty and circumstance are interchangeable to the Lieberal mind.

By way of the  large amounts of organized labor support wasted on the Lieberals, the Wynne regime not only clung to power but obtained a majority government. (After all, it was their entitlement to rule).  Suddenly gone was the pre-election posturing by Wynne that her party had “found religion” and that there would be no more choruses of “kumbaya” from the Lieberal caucus.  Instead, Wynne, recharged with a fresh mandate to rule Ontario for another 1460 days could resume her role as Premier.   It is right to be angry at these Lieberals BUT what they do DOES have a great deal to do with the inner-workings of the leader.

There are now 1,351 days until the next opportunity to vote the Lieberals out of office (October 4, 2018).  In “typical Lieberal fashion there are numerous scandals looming (PanAm, MaRs, WSIB) and Wynne’s “approval rating “ has dropped to less than 40%.

I am willing to back the Progressive Conservatives (PCs) this time around and am delighted to see the arrival of Christine Elliott appear as the odds-on favorite to lead her party.  What is refreshing about Ms. Elliott is her balance between fiscal responsibility and genuine compassion. Gone are the heavy-handed tactics attributed to past PC party leaders. I suspect that terms such as honesty, compassion and responsible government will be well received by October 4, 2018.

In the mean time, take note that Ontario is very much a “have-not-province” and the bond rating agencies have downgraded Ontario’s perceived ability to pay its debts to Minus AA from Positive AA. The result will most certainly be an increase in lending rates added on top of a likely increase in prime lending rates.

The Ontario Financing Authority pegs the Province at $304 billion in outstanding debt (September 30, 2014).  One year earlier (September 2013) that debt was $280 billion.

Some simple arithmetic produces an astounding number.  Each 1% increase in interest rates applied to these Ontario bonds will equal almost $3.5 BILLION less to be spent on things important to the folks in Ontario: health care, schools, seniors etc etc etc.

When I consider that a great deal of this debt and debt service cost is a direct result of 14 known Lieberal scandals, I am convinced that the day will not come soon enough ‘til we can rid ourselves of Wynne and her Lieberals.  Hopefully, Christine Elliott can clean up the mess.


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