The Trudeau Art of Foot Chewing

[A Bit of Research shows that the Apple did Not fall Far from the Tree]

 trudeau beard daddy r-JUSTIN-TRUDEAU-PIERRE-TRUDEAU-large570[1]

 I’m plenty old enough to remember Pierre Trudeau vividly. I do not share the views of many “re-inventors” and “revisionists” of history.  I recall him with distain based on what he “was” and not what he is portrayed to be.

As I listened to Justin Trudeau smugly advocating the “virtues” of Chinese government,  my mind turned to his father’s snobbish attitudes towards government, human rights and democracy.  Don’t shoot the messenger. I am not making any of this up.  Justin Trudeau publicly stated, “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime…” at a fundraiser in Toronto on November 07, 2013. It’s the truth. The cameras and tape recorders were running and young Mr. Trudeau’s “inner” thoughts sprung into public focus.

Lieberal backroom operatives and a loyal media did their utmost over the next two weeks to shift focus away from young Trudeau’s offensive point of view. News, after all has a 24 hour life and in the world of digital media, history refers to something less than two weeks old.

That’s not the way it works for those of us who struggle to sift through the hyperbole and rhetoric and seek truth. Some of us are less prone to knee jerk too quickly or fall too deeply for “spin”.

Young Trudeau’s word on that evening may well have been a look into whatever (unscripted) thoughts that Justin possesses.  It also put me in mind of his (supposedly) great prime minister and father Pierre Joseph Philippe Yves Elliott Trudeau.

There is a wonderful book by Max and Monique Nemni, and translated from French to English by William Johnson (The Young Trudeau, McClelland & Stewart Ltd. Published in 2006).

The Nemmis approached Pierre and asked for permission to write an autobiography. Pierre Trudeau consented and turned over his personal papers covering the period from his birth (1917) until 1944.

Pierre Trudeau’s public persona is quite different from what Pierre Trudeau had made note of in his journals, diaries and draft papers.

Here are a few of the things I learned about Pierre Trudeau as a result of reading his own words:

  • Trudeau was a vociferous Anti-Semite, and hated Jews
  • Trudeau was a Nazi and Fascist supporter
  • Trudeau supported the pro-Nazi Petain Vichy government in France during WWII

 Like his son (Justin) Pierre secretly held a number of very unpopular and anti democratic views. Where Justin admires Chinese dictatorships, Pierre admired of any dictatorship, loathed parliamentary democracies and wished for a Nazi and Fascist victory during the Second World War and actually believed that reports of Nazi atrocities against the Jews and others were mere British and allied propaganda.

 Trudeau (sr) felt so strongly about those ideals that he applied for admission to Harvard University (1942) to avoid military service.  That same year, he flaunted his privileged-bourgeois status by riding around the streets of Montreal on his motorcycle while wearing a German military helmet. 

Upon being put into office as Prime Minister we saw his contempt easily and often.  Pierre Trudeau advocated for the Abolition of Aboriginal rights and the removal/eradication of all existing treaties with Canada’s First Nations and Métis.

Be warned about young Trudeau. This apple may not have fallen far from the tree. Despite the heroic work of young Trudeau’s handlers, he has that family knack of permitting his words and actions into undoing the populist spin and revealing his innermost thoughts.


No thanks, Justin.  I do not admire Chinese dictators nor human rights abuse.


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