Ontario Lieberal Sex – Ed Program Announcement to happen on Monday

[What sexual deviances are behind this]

wyne and little girls
I wonder what Wynne is telling these little girls








Everyone knows that Lieberal leader Kathleen Wynne is a LESBIAN.  Not that anyone would have mentioned it had Wynne not chosen to describe  her personal sexual choices.  She is, after all in the public eye and is the present holder of the most powerful political office in Ontario.

It’s not that there aren’t pressing issues to be dealt with in Ontario. The province was once the wealthiest of Canada’s provinces.  Ontario is still losing more full-time/viable career jobs than all other provinces and has run up a $288,000,000,000 provincial debt.  This debt consumes $12 of every $25 if provincial spending.  Lord knows that the debt service charges could be better used for things that help people. Instead, much of the debt service charge is a result of paying for a list of 43 Lieberal scandals since they first came into office a decade ago.

Not the least of those problems was a number of failed schemes to manage electrical energy in the province including the well known gas plant scandals.  The Lieberal energy missteps included an ill conceived rate guarantee to a well known Japanese multinational who was given a free hand to erect wind turbines in exchange for a commitment to a quick increase in the kilowatt hour cost of electricity.

Thos escalating energy costs led to a massive exodus of Ontario manufacturing jobs which (in turn) fueled unemployment numbers.

Given that type of top priorities, many of us thought it “odd” that this self admitted lesbian would turn her mind to sexual education programs – especially sex-ed programs for kids as young as grade one students.

I am left wondering if this particular “social engineering” program fostered by madam Wynne has more to do with her own sexual preferences and much less to do with improving overall life in Ontario.

I am not at all convinced of the need to be instructing grade one students about same sex marriage. When last I check, the legal age for marriage in Ontario is far from being an urgent issue that need occupy the mind of a grade one student.

Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQOA) scores show that one in five grade six students are failing basic math skills tests while 2 out of 10 grade 3 children are failing literacy tests.   According to a study from the Fraser Institute, 8 out of 10 of the provinces elementary schools are showing trending failing marks while Alberta shows that one out of ten such situations exist. In other words, Ontario kids are failing at twice the rate of Alberta students in elementary schools.

While elementary education in Ontario is paid for with tax dollars, there can be no denying it that a considerable amount of racism takes place in determining where those public funds are spent. The harsh truth is that Aboriginal kids are funded at 30% less than “mainstream kids”.

I have difficulty comprehending any significance that madam Wynne’s sex program will benefit young children and (more specifically) how it will bridge the funding gap between Aboriginal and “main-stream”.

If, on the other hand, it is Wynne’s goal to create sexual confusion among young children, her plan may succeed – at least in that area.


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