“blood-sucking, intimidating bullies.”

[Lawyer Julian Falconer describing wind turbine companies]







I have been following the saga of four Goderich, Ontario families (the Drennans, Ryans, Dixons and Kroeplins) who attempted to stop the development of a monstrous wind turbine development near their homes and farms.

The turbine installation was a plan by three corporations (K2 Wind, Armow, and St. Columban) who have now gone ahead with this project after winning in court.  The K2 portion of this giant project resulted in the erection of 140 wind turbine towers near the Drennan farm.

The sad story does not end there however.  It appears that the corporate giants are now intent on teaching a lesson.  Court documents reveal that the three corporations are now seeking $340,000 from the various families who “dared” to attempt to stop them by way of failed court actions.   The Drennans alone have become the targets of a $240,000 law suit from K2.

This type of tactic is not new. Corporations such as K2 are simply flexing their financial muscles.  However, in such actions a dangerous message emerges.  A large/successful corporation has immense  amounts of money available with which to secure the best of lawyers and simply strong-arm their way through the court system. Families like the Drennans are at an extreme disadvantage. The Drennans would now be forced to go to a bank and attempt to borrow money to satisfy the financial demands of K2.  The ultimate losers in this type of case are all members of society wherein an Orwellian message that, “all animals are equal but SOME animal are more equal than others”.  Left alone, this could lead to a world that is even more biased towards the wealthy and the powerful.  The courts, after all ought to exist to maintain and protect the general public and not to become hand maidens to corporations. 

It seems that when former Lieberal leader Dalton McGuinty coined the phrase “green energy” and turned lose/unfettered these wind turbine companies on the citizenry of Ontario that, in fact the green part of the term would relate to money.

Let’s hope that the court uses common sense and inflicts a harsh verdict against K2, Arnow and St. Columban in Goderich. Such a verdict would send a message: corporations ARE NOT CITIZENS and laws are not to be used as an intimidation tool by corporations.


One thought on ““blood-sucking, intimidating bullies.””

  1. Here in Maine, when the Legislature passed the Wind Energy Act of 2008, a certain segment of rural Maine citizens had our right to participate in matters of re-zoning within our communities removed from us — without our knowledge or permission. Not ALL citizens in Maine’s Unorganized Territories had this right taken away…only those living in regions that the wind industry coveted for development. We have been trying for YEARS to get back these rights to ‘have a say’ in future development decisions (something more than 99% of our fellow Mainers still have) but the industry is throwing all its power, influence and money into seeing our Citizens’ Rights bills fail. They have a huge disinformation campaign underway…and Democratic leadership (which seems to be controlled by the industry) is using intimidation tactics on legislators within its party. Something so elemental and revered as ‘equal rights’ is being blatantly quashed by a corporate entity and a so-called ‘citizens’ legislature’. This isn’t the America I once believed in — but unless and until more people stand up to these bullies — and until our own legislatures and congress stand behind us — citizens will continue to suffer a loss of freedoms, of quality of life, of health and of property values. Respectfully, Karen Bessey Pease, Lexington Township, Maine

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