New Lieberal SEX scandal has Lieberals in FULL SCALE DENIAL MODE

[Leaves many of us worried about his involvement in new Sex Ed curriculum]

levin (3)

A story in MacClean’s magazine during July 2013brought Benjamin Levin’s name into the media’s attention.  He had just been charged with a total of seven charges of child pornography.  Mr. Levin finally plead guilty as charged this month (March 2015)[i] .  The myriad of criminal charges laid[ii] against Levin included (among other charges) that he had made child pornography, counseled others to commit an indictable offence. He was also convicted of making an arrangement for a sexual offence against a child under 16.

Levin had been deeply immersed in the departmental planning of (then) Education Minister (now Premier) Kathleen Wynne.  Levin’s Lieberal “rap sheet” is so deeply tied to the Lieberal party in Ontario that Levin served as part of Wynne’s transition team when she became Ontario Premier [iii]

In an in-depth investigative report by Ezra Lavant the murky details of Levin’s probable involvement in the new Ontario Sex-Ed curriculum take on sinister connections between Mr. Levin and the actual development of the radical new program that is scheduled to be turned loose on Ontario youngsters this fall.

Many of us question both the content and the tone of this plan.  I am at a loss in trying to understand the urgency of teaching six year olds a new vocabulary including such terms as “vulva” and “vagina”.  Somehow, it seems more appropriate to leave such instruction to the parents at that age.  I am hard pressed to understand the necessity of institutionalizing obviously sensitive material to kids – especially in cases where the parents are much better able to decide exactly how much “sex-ed” is appropriate for their child.

Even more troubling is the segment set out for twelve year olds wherein they are to be “taught” that it is okay and completely normal for a twelve year old to “have a special friend” with whom to engage in sexual activities.  The Criminal Code has set the limit for such things at age 16.

This rash of information pertaining to Levin has sent the Lieberals into full scale denial mode. Education Minister Liz Sandals quickly commented that any allegation that Levin had a hand in the new Sex-Ed curriculum was a “red herring”.  According to Sandals, the Minister (s) of education  (present and past – ergo the Premier) had parted ways with Levin several years ago.

Thanks to the tireless work of Ezra Lavant a series of emails between high ranking Education Ministry staff and Levin  show him as likely being pivotal in the formulation of the new “sex-Ed” curriculum.   How pivotal was Levin in the inner workings of the department?  The emails show that he was invited to join an “inner circle” made up of those engaged in the new curriculum and (in fact) had on at least one occasion caused the “team” meeting to be rescheduled to coincide with his schedule.

Among the almost continuous stream of emails obtained under Access to Information” by Lavant for Rebel Media[iv] the following nefarious events took place:

* July 4, 2012: Zegarac (the Deputy Minister)invites Levin to attend a retreat with the department’s “executive leadership team”

* October 5, 17, 18, 2012: Zegarac sends Levin a confidential PowerPoint presentation about the department’s 5-year plan, before it was approved by the Minister

* October 18, 2012: Levin’s reply to that presentation (all details blacked out by the government)

* October 31, 2012: Levin’s comments to Zegarac, including “safety/well-being are not aspects of individuals or things that we would teach or develop are they?”

* November 18, 2012: e-mail from Zegarac to Levin discussing the curriculum. Zegarac writes, “Your paper will drive much of the discussion. Cabinet Office re-wrote the deck to match format of Health and others. Conversation will be most important.”

* March 4, 2013 Zegarac invites Levin for a personal meeting

* March 20, 2013, Zegarac invites Levin to meet at a bar, “The Foxes Den”

* April 25, 2013: Levin hosts a full-day workshop with 400 principals and superintendents, and writes a report about it to Zegarac, and copies Howie Bender, Chief of Staff to Minister Liz Sandals

* June 18, 2013: Levin invites Zegarac to a Blue Jays game, Zegarac accepts

It seemed a bit curious to many of us that the weekend before Minister Sandals made her new Sex-Ed curriculum public that a copy of the entire document had leaked to Lieberal media favorite – the Toronto Star.  Could it be that the Lieberals knew that the Star would look upon this curriculum change favorably and needed a day or so to digest the document before putting a favorable spin on the story?

The pattern of denial has long been a tactic employed by the Lieberals in Ontario government. Perhaps they have finally gone too far.  Serious thought about the suitability of the Lieberals to be engaged in Sex-Ed for six year olds is way past due.

[i] National Post, Story by Christie Blatchford, March 03, 2015

[ii] MacLean’s magazine, July 10, 2013

[iii] Ibid

[iv] Obtained online,


 Copyright  © Thunderbird Rising 2015


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