Divine Intervention in Brampton

[Will Lieberals do the right thing? Maybe a fresh chance]

Fire rages through Health Center Construction Site










Last evening a large fire occurred at the construction site on Lynch Avenue in Brampton. 

Amid a great deal of deception and outright lies, the Wynne led Lieberals were attempting to create what is NOT a hospital in a community badly in need of a full scale hospital.

By & o’clock yesterday evening, nine fire trucks and almost 100 firefighters were on the scene trying to stop a fire that raged through the site. Early reports from the Fire Chief indicate that the blaze erupted when accumulated construction debris caught fire.  The results though were quite extensive according to videos and were extensive enough to stop this project for some time.

At the very least, structural engineers will need to perform extensive tests to ascertain structural soundness of the two-story s building.  According to a quote from the Fire Chief, the heat generated from the out of control blaze may give rise to concerns about the effect of high heat on the various overhead cranes presently on the site.

There probably will be delays as the insurance companies sort through cause before settling claims.  Given the quote concerning construction debris on the site, there may be obvious questions to answer about how (or why) such debris had accumulated on the site.

After every rain, there is a possibility of a rainbow. This fire may well be a God-send and give the Wynne Lieberals an opportunity finally do the right thing for the residents of Brampton and decide now to build a hospital and not the health clinic that they had attempted to finesse into existence.

The deplorable state of health care in Brampton (a community of >500,000) is a classic example of a failed process.   Over ten years ago, McGuinty (Wynne’s former boss) promised a second hospital to augment Peel Memorial. He also said that he wanted no part of P3 (public/private partnerships) as a funding model.  In fact, he and his Liberal candidates made opposition to P3 a central part of their platforms.

Things did not work out for Brampton residents after trusting the Liberals.  The new hospital was built; although its compliment of beds was downsized drastically.  No sooner was the new hospital completed and the Liberal ripped down Peel Memorial.

The saga of Brampton’s health care needs is this ultimate shaggy-dog story.  The Conference Board of Canada has stated on several cases that Health Care infrastructure in Brampton, Ontario has long been in dire shape. Never once has the eye of public scrutiny focused these critical problems on the mismanagement by the LHINS or the Osler Board.  And, never once has either of those two groups had their feet held to the fire by way of public vote and democratic process.  In its latest pronouncements, the Conference Board designated health care infrastructure in Brampton as rating in 50th position among fifty major Canadian cities.

 [ figure 1.  The Hospital List]

Municipality     Population Number of Hospitals

York Region     1,032,524              4 Hospitals

Ottawa                    883,391             9 Hospitals

Mississauga          713,443             2 Hospitals

Hamilton               519,949           10 Hospitals

London                   366,151               6 Hospitals

Kitchener              219,153               3 Hospitals

Windsor                 210,891              2 Hospitals

Guelph                    121,668              3 Hospitals

Kingston   121,363  3 Hospitals

(source Statistics Canada 2006)

Let’s complete the comparison by dropping Brampton into the above chart.  Brampton’s present population is 523,911 and with that population would rank between Mississauga and Hamilton, Ontario.

 With the unwarned closure of Peel Memorial Hospital (PMH) in 2007, 367 acute care hospital beds were taken out of service in Brampton.  Brampton is the site of tremendous population growth.  Decisions such as the one to scuttle PMH were ill-advised and not in the public’s interest.

Maybe this blaze at the PMH construction site will give Wynne and her Lieberal colleagues an opportunity for sober second thought. Is it possible that

According to the Bible, lightening struck Saul of Tarsus and created his own personal catharsis.  Can this untimely fire have a similar effect on the Lieberals?

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