Congratulations to Patrick Brown

[Long Campaign Brought Divergent Ideas Forward]

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I met personally with Patrick Brown last weekend at the Brampton Soccer Center. I liked him.  He’s youthful and is full of new ideas. Within a few minutes, it was apparent that he seeks out every opportunity to expand his own point of view.  Patrick has that “knack” that most great politicians have. When he engages in a conversation, you leave feeling that you had his full and undivided attention.  You leave a conversation knowing that Brown has really absorbed what was communicated. He actually listens and that is a refreshing change from the current regime in Queen’s Park.  He’s also a bit of a “jock “and loves hockey but that’s okay too.   We will find wholesomeness in Brown.  I certainly did.

Moreover, I am anxious to watch Patrick’s vision of Ontario unfold.  Given the chance, Patrick Brown has what it takes to rebuild an Ontario that has been trashed by scandal and waste.  I like that too.  When Brown told me that he intends to find a seat in the Legislature as soon as possible, I reckon that to be a wonderful and badly needed change for Ontario.

When I look at the recent election results in Alberta where voters changed directions abruptly it was depicted by many pundits as a sea change.  Sea changes (in politics) take place when one ideology replaces another.  The Alberta election had much more to do with voting out the long term PC Party than it had to do with endorsing a tax and spend NDP ideology.  I suspect that residents of Alberta when soon rue the day when they endorsed the NDP.  We know those things by way of experience here in Ontario where voters opted for similar change for the sake of change and put Bob Rae into the Premier’s office.   Let’s hope that Rae days and record debt spending do not quickly repeat themselves in Alberta.

However, the results of this Progressive Conservative leadership race are truly a sea change. The PCs are still three years away from establishing a badly needed  stable government for the residents of Ontario. What is truly impressive in the case of these leadership results is the fact that so many new party members flocked to the party and (now) obviously have enthusiastically engaged in a long-standing Tory ideology.   Almost 70,000 new Tories were minted by way of this grueling year long leadership race.   This turn towards strong fiscal management is refreshing and encouraging. 

The Province of Ontario cannot continue down the McGuinty/Wynne path of wasteful gas plant type scandals and watching the Grits attempt to buy our support by using our own tax money.  

I am similarly encouraged to see a party (the PCs ) emerge from all of this much stronger and much more united than when the leadership contest began. To Wynne and her cronies, I suggest that you may think twice before attempting to attach tags such as social conservatives etc to Brown; enter at your own risk.   This sea change of support is founded in a very deep and diverse cross section of Ontario’s amazing multicultural population. 

Patrick, as far as I am concerned you have just given all of us in Ontario something to look forward to – positive change.  Like many others, we are now geared up and prepared to help our 107 local candidates send Wynne packing.   We are stronger, we are now united and we have direction.


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