Teachers’ Strike Predicted Last Summer

[Tape shows this strike could have been avoided]


 Listen/Watch; the present day teachers’ strike forecast last year. I had made the prediction several times during the past civic election. Here is one such prediction made on tape during a TV interview. The date was September 23, 2014. Roll the tape ahead to 5:39. The probability of a strike is repeated at 11:36 on the tape.

I was very unhappy to watch someone from outside the jurisdiction organize a special interest faction win that seat. I had also cautioned about the need to make wise choices when voting.  However, in retrospect think that Creator may have saved me from great aggravation by sparing me from a great deal of hard work. No sour grapes here! Things happen for a purpose. Hopefully folks understand how important wise choices are. I can’t help but think that this strike was entirely avoidable.


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