NDP Scandal – Ottawa

[Accusations of $3.75 Million]


New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa November 6, 2013. REUTERS/Chris Wattie (CANADA - Tags: POLITICS)

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair gets expressive as he responds to questions with the media following a party caucus meeting on Parliament Hill Wednesday May 8, 2013 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

During the daily question period in parliament this afternoon, Canadian Prime Minister turned the tables on the NDP. NDP leader Thomas Mulcair did not show up for work today leaving many questions unanswered. It is being alleged that a total of about 70 past and present NDP Members of Parliament (MPs) have misappropriated parliamentary funds allocated for constituency work and diverted the money into New Democratic Party (NDP) promotion schemes including funding regional offices for the NDP. It is being alleged that the various NDP MPs had moved about $3.75 million into the scheme. NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was absent from the House of Commons. Mulcair and several of his closest parliamentary boosters have been the first and most vocal accusers in Senator Mike Duffy’s scandal over the past year. Duffy has found himself presently in criminal court answering accusations that he falsely obtained funding for living expenses. Duffy’s accusations are (as of yet) unproven as the court case continues. However, the charges against Duffy pale by comparison to these accusations amounting to over $3.75 MILLION now facing the NDP. No detail of how much money was misappropriated by each of the accused NDP MPs was mentioned during official parliamentary discussion today. The irony of it all is that, over the years it has been the style of the NDP and NDP supporters to be the most fervent and fanatical accusers of any fault perceived in others. Mr. Justice John Gomery once said that when such things do occur, that public trust suffers badly. Gomery was quoted years ago following the infamous Liberal “Ad scam” (scandal) as saying, “The public trust … was subverted and betrayed, and Canadians were outraged, not only because public funds were wasted and misappropriated, but also because no one was held responsible or punished for his misconduct”. Mulcair would be well advised to own up to things and make restitution if these allegations are (in any way) correct. The tactic of denial or avoiding things has not worked well for Duffy or others that have faced NDP accusations over the years. This round of serious financial accusations certainly dispel the “holier than-thou” attitudes held by NDP supporters. Coming just short months before the election scheduled for this October, NDP credibility would likely suffer in voter’s eyes given the zealous penchant of the NDP to often be the most vocal accusers of lesser faults in others. Misappropriation of such a huge chunk of money intended to be utilized The public trust … was subverted and betrayed, and Canadians were outraged, not only because public funds were wasted and misappropriated, but also because no one was held responsible or punished for his misconduct,” The funds in this case were obtained from tax funds specifically to be used in individual constituencies held by the accused NDP MPs and the accused MPs were specifically prohibited to use that money for partisan political purposes. Mention was made of regional satellite NDP offices having been set up and operated using these funds. While the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada are known to operate similar satellite offices throughout Canada funding is by way of party fundraising and donations from party donors. The accusations of this huge misappropriation of public funds originated from a Parliamentary bureau (the Board of Internal Economy) which is the designated watchdog trusted to oversee how public funds are used by Members of Parliament. An on line poll conducted yesterday revealed that 52% of those surveyed feel that Mulcair and his associates should own up to things and repay the money now. Given what Mike Duffy and others have endured, that may be the best medicine for the NDP. In situations like this one, public trust suffers badly.


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