Apology for Edmonton School Bus Driver

[CBC airs Live Dash-Cam Footage of School Bus Mayhem]


Some stories really do demand answers.   I came across this Dash-Cam footage of an Edmonton school bus driver enduring physical abuse from a couple kids on his bus.  The link (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/bus-driver-wins-apology-from-school-board-after-kicking-off-student-1.3097420) is via CBC and shows several minutes of one bus trip that this unfortunate driver endured.

In the film, you will see one boy (looks to be about grade 7) dressed in a black sleeveless black t-shirt seated immediately behind the driver.  As the driver is attempting to get this “little darling” home to his parents, the young man is seen repeatedly leaving his seat and attacking a younger student directly across the aisle. All of this is taking place a short distance from the driver. 

Eventually a second student comes to the front of the bus wearing a T-shirt marked “All Day”.  The second student then whacks the bus driver with a large black duffle bag. The impact knocks the glasses off the bus driver and causes the driver to pull over and eject the second student.

At this point, the first student who had been punching and kicking the younger student is also asked to get off the bus. An argument between the (black t-shirt) student and the driver ensues whereupon the driver tosses this young man’s back pack off the bus causing that student to leave in order to catch up with his back pack.

The parents of these two seem to have been caused sufficient ruckus with the local school board so as to have the driver fired.  However, when the dash-board camera footage was made public, the driver was reinstated.   These incidents of student violence play out every day.  I recently spoke about a similar incident in Brampton, Ontario where two young (high-school aged) female students attacked and battered a Peel Regional Police officer.

Where does parental responsibility come into all of this?  Is it possible that encouraging one’s children to stand up for their “rights has become an enablement for these young people to carry out criminal acts with impunity?

Having seen these two attacks and having spoken with a number of frustrated teachers, I cannot imagine any reasonable person wanting to put themselves into danger by way of interacting with kids who are (obviously) not getting proper parental guidance.

Do you think that it is time to review and revise Young Offenders Acts wherein parents could face criminal charges?

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