Roll out the Barrels (of money)

[Lieberals at it again, waste,waste waste]


This may be the only LRT that we can afford
This may be the only LRT that we can afford


No one can find scandalous ways to waste tax dollars like Ontario’s Queen’s park Lieberals.  Similarly, former significant Lieberal political campaign donors have hit the financial jackpot.

The planets aligned less than perfectly this time last evening as Brampton Council in a split vote decided to go give the go-ahead to the Lieberal leader Wynne.  The Lieberals now have a free hand go ahead with the Light Rail Transit (LRT) project along Hurontario Street (aka: Highway 10).

What a wonderful gift to Wynne for gay-pride week.  I imagine that the person who calls herself premier of Ontario was dancing a gay jig as she learned of the split vote at Brampton City Council that by the narrowest of margins told the person who is premier that she had the green light to go ahead with something that has “less than” a fresh =-clean smell to it.

With campaign donors lists all in hand, this scribe shall be anxiously awaiting announcements of firms given contract to perform the actual construction and supply rolling stock. Anyone who has followed the Lieberals antics over the past 20 years in Ontario can almost guarantee that significant names will match the donors list and on the contractor’s/supplier’s list.

 Another Liberal Fiasco

You can now add the $1.6 Hurontario LRT scheme to the Lieberal scandal legacy in Ontario:  Smitherman’s non-existent eHealth – $ 1 Billion; McGuinty’s cancelled gas plants – $1.1 Billion; Windsor Parkway sketchy construction -$1.4 Billion; ORNGE – $$$ who knows? – the numbers aren’t all in;  The covered up $317M bailout of MaRS; PanAm Games – $2.1 Billion and counting and Yearly loss on electricity sales to U.S. , etc. – $ 1 Billion

Politics of the Brampton Vote

The Brampton approval was under the tutelage former Lieberal government Minister, L. Jeffieys.  Jeffrey was jetsam from the Lieberal cabinet who turned up at a fresh trough as Brampton mayor.  The dutiful ex-member of the McGuinty and Wynne cabinet delivered the “goods’ and turned the council vote in favor of acceptance of the Hurontario LRT fiasco.

It was not a surprise to any of us that Jeffrey would follow the marching orders from the premier’s office. It was surprising to see that Wynne is hell-bent-for-leather to push forward with the scheme just hours after being told that bond-rating agencies had blasted her and her party for financial mismanagement.  Moody’s, Fitch  and Standard and Poors had announced that the province will now be paying higher interest rates on its onerous $325 billion debt load. Moody’s went further in chastising the “clowns in Queen’s Park” in the credit community’s assessment the province’s ability to meet its medium term fiscal targets.

 Grave repercussions

In moving Ontario onto the negative list, the credit raters took notice of the current regime’s inability to accurately run its finances as well as its inability to stop wasting money.  

Ontario residents will quickly feel the results of the higher interest charged by lenders to keep the province afloat and service the ever escalating debt load. Thanks to last night’s Brampton City Council vote, another $1.6 billion will be added to the debt load to cover the cost of the Hurontario LRT fiasco.

Despite the fact that projected hourly transit ridership along a proposed Hurontario LRT route fell far short of the stated criteria and despite the chastisements from the various bond rating agencies, the woman who calls herself premier saw to it that this scheme hit the fast track.  For the average “Joe” all this talk about higher lending interest rates will have similar results as would happen in the average Ontario household if the mortgage rate was suddenly increased leaving the average family with tough choices about what would require removal from the family budgets.

The two choices facing the Ontario government are now: increase taxes (or find new taxes) or slash essential services.

Brampton voters have again had the wool pulled over their eyes. Apparently nothing has been learned from the $60 million residential tax hit that the “woman-who-calls-herself-premier” snatched out of property tax dollars to pay for a badly needed hospital. True to Lieberal form, once the money had been grabbed, the definition of word hospital had been diminished to become part-time walk in clinic.

It’s not that there was not opposition at Brampton City council at last night’s vote. Sad to say that the opposition had absolutely nothing to do with preventing waste of tax dollars.  In the case of last evening’s  vote, those dissenting members of City Council were only disagreeing on the route of the LRT line. The losing side in last evening’s council vote simply wanted the LRT line moved along a route that   would abut land-holdings of an investor or two. Running the LRT along the alternative route would have nicely increased the value of those commercial sites along the disputed route.

In politics, it is called “channeling”.  Channeling (or changing the channel) is a favorite technique of the Lieberals. The “channel” had been changed so as to deflect discussion away from the abysmal financial mismanagement at including the ongoing PanAm games.  The channel was effectively changed to create a discussion between two opposing camps each intent on having this LRT fiasco along a certain path. Result? No meaningful discussion on the financial viability of this latest $1.6 billion boon-doggle.

Years ago, Sun cartoonist Andy Donato rightly pointed out butt-headed characteristics of certain Hamiltonians for re-electing a certain Liberal. In acknowledging Mr. Donato’s contribution to the world of fine art (above) I am left to wonder if folks have been moving into Brampton from Hamilton.

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