You Should Not Trust NDP on Economics

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair gets expressive as he responds to questions with the media following a party caucus meeting on Parliament Hill Wednesday May 8, 2013 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld thomas-mulcair2

[The Bob Rae Legacy Now a National Party]

These are not the best of times for the average Canadian family.  Though statistical facts are evident: Canada’s key economic numbers are much better than the USA or any other free market country, we are a long way from full recovery.  Witness the nagging unemployment rates that persist around 5.5%.

In about 90 days, we will be voting in a Federal election.  NDP leader Thomas Mulcair figures that he has things wrapped up and will be moving from the official opposition residence into the residence of Canada’s Prime Minister.  He will be boasting about the recent success of the Alberta NDP but I think it is the right time to do a bit of fact checking on Mr. Mulcair.

While you and I are thinking about who should run Canada, there are things that people like Mulcair want us to know about them and there are other things that are not so attractive.

Thomas Mulcair wants to run Canada’s economy and want us all to forget the mess that NDP Premier Bob Rae left in Ontario.  Thomas would like you to think that he is a responsible man who would not squander money as was the case of Bob Rae.

Few people know these facts about Mr. Mulcair.   For instance, his annual income in his present position is $233,247 per year.  In addition to that he and his wife are provided with a fully paid government owned residential home (Stornaway) in Ottawa.  That is not “shabby” for a man who preaches socialism and claims to be the representative of the “working man”.  Even with his annual pay package of $233,247/year, Mr. Mulciar now stands accused of finding a way to milk an additional $400,000 out of the tax payer by way of some scheme wherein generous expense accounts were manipulated to finance some super offices at various sites throughout Canada.  Together with his NDP colleagues, there seems to be almost $1,500,000 misappropriated for those super offices.

Mulcair’s wife works in a professional capacity in Montreal and there are no children still living at home.

It may surprise you to learn that the Mulcair’s family residence in Quebec currently has a mortgage of $300,000.  Mr. and Mrs. Mulcair paid $64,000 for the home in 1983, with a $56,000 mortgage from the Caisse Populaire du Lac St. Louis!

Searches of the land registry for this home in Beaconsfield, Quebec show that Mulcair has refinanced the house 11 times since he moved in and now owes five times more than the purchase price in 1983.

Think about it folks. Is this the type of financial management that Canada needs?

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